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match background colour to Pantone 445C match background colour to Pantone 445C ISBN 978-0-7766-0734-4 As the only comprehensive guide to effective academic writing designed specifically for military personnel, this book will be an invaluable addition to the libraries of all military officers. In my former profession as an academic I read several books on academic writing over the years. This one ranks among the best. While it is written primarily for military officers, it has the potential to be a highly useful guide, all the way from secondary school through university and beyond in a variety of professions. – MGen (ret’d) Herb Petras The prescriptions for writing are clear,and the format and organization make great sense.This book will be a tremendous asset to all. – MGen (ret’d) Ivan Fenton Usingtheuniqueperspectivetheyhavegainedfromboththeiracademicexperience and their direct involvement in the delivery of professional development of senior officers,Adam Chapnick and Craig Stone have created an eminently readable and practical guide to academic writing for military personnel. In so doing, they have rendered an invaluable service to the development of these competencies within the current and future cohorts of senior military personnel. – LtGen (ret’d) Fred Sutherland AdamChapnickisthedeputydirectorof educationattheCanadianForcesCollege, Toronto, and associate professor of defence studies at the Royal Military College. Heistheauthorof TheMiddlePowerProject:CanadaandtheFoundingof theUnited Nations (UBC Press,2005). Craig Stone is the deputy director of academics at the Canadian Forces College, Toronto, and head of the Department of Defence Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada. Now retired, he served in the Canadian Armed Forces for close to 30 years. The University of Ottawa Press Adam Chapnick and Craig Stone Academic Writing for Military Personnel O O Academic Writing for Military Personnel O O Military_Cover_FA.indd 1 11/2/09 11:55:21 AM 0013_RealityFTM_6x9_comp01_A_v14_15_11_2009.indd 2 11/16/09 7:29:48 PM Academic Writing for Military Personnel 00a-Military:00a_Title 26/10/09 14:31 Page i 00a-Military:00a_Title 26/10/09 14:31 Page ii ...


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