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Preface Prof. Dr. Cornelius Frömmel Dean of Medical Faculty University Medicine Göttingen, Germany Gender Medicine is a relatively new term for a scientific domain that strives for integration of sex and gender aspects as recognised determinants of health and disease in biomedical research and clinical practice. To further advance this innovative field, the University Medicine Göttingen, together with the Ministry of Sciences and Culture of Lower Saxony, Germany, established a Maria-GoeppertMayer Guest Professorship in 2008/2009 entitled Sex and Gender in Biomedicine. This initiative was realised with the help of Prof. Claudia Wiesemann, Department of Ethics and History of Medicine, University Medicine Göttingen. We were honoured to host Dr. Ineke Klinge, Maastricht University, a renowned European expert in the field. Additionally, in 2008/2009 the UMG held a series of lectures on Gender Medicine, in which knowledgeable gender experts from different disciplines shared their latest research results. This introduction of gender medicine has been positively evaluated by researchers, clinicians and students and has thus provided a sound basis for further development. In doing so, the UMG joins other initiatives facilitated by the European Commission as well as universities in Germany , the Netherlands and Austria. The University Medicine Göttingen has committed itself to an embedding and furthering of these aspects in research, education and treatment. We thereby support European research policy making gender equality a criterion of scientific excellence. We are convinced that, in the future, this innovative research domain will appeal to a growing number of researchers and students and will result in a better health care for women and men. ...


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