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contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 one Christianity, Civil Society, and Pluralism 5 Bringing Civil Society Back In 7 Bringing Christianity Back into Civil Society 10 Bringing Civil Society Back into Pluralism 13 two Dooyeweerd in Context 20 Calvinism, Modernity, and Pluralism 20 From “Calvinist” to “Christian” Philosophy 25 A Guide to This Book 30 three Religion and Philosophy 39 The Necessity of Religious Presuppositions 39 The Biblical Ground Motive 47 Foundational Philosophical Ideas: Meaning, Time, Law 51 vi Contents four Plurality, Identity, Interrelationship 55 Modality and Analogy 55 Laws and Norms 62 Individuality 63 Interlacement 67 five A Philosophy of Cultural Development 71 Human Normative Disclosure 72 Integration and Differentiation 79 Critique and Clarification 82 six A Philosophy of Social Pluralism 86 The Identity of Social Structures 86 A Critical Reformulation 95 seven A Medley of Social Structures 110 Categories of Social Structure 111 Enkaptic Social Relationships 130 Pluralism, Individualism, and Universalism 138 eight The Identity of the State 156 Political Philosophy in Crisis 156 Power in Service of Justice 161 nine The Just State 186 Law and Justice 187 Spheres of Justice 193 The State’s Sphere of Justice 200 Constitutional Democracy 207 ten An Active, Limited State 219 The Meaning of Public Justice 219 The Task of the State 229 Contents vii eleven Civil Society and Christian Pluralism 271 What Is Civil Society? 272 What Is Civil Society For? Three Models Assessed 287 Epilogue: Religious Discourse in State and Civil Society 306 Appendix 1. Dooyewerd’s Conception of the Task of Social Philosophy 311 Appendix 2. Dooyeweerd on Natural Law and Legal Positivism 318 Notes 321 Bibliography 412 Index 442 ...


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