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Notes ————— Chapter 1 1. It is interesting to note the disparities among Fairfax high schools. The percentage of graduates planning to attend college from Annandale, Falls Church, McLean, and Mt. Vernon High Schools equaled or exceeded 50 percent. The percentages for the other three high schools were much lower: Fairfax High School was 44 percent, Herndon was 18 percent, and all-black Luther Jackson High School was 41 percent. 2. A very useful history of Luther P. Jackson High School can be found in Mathelle K. Lee’s “A History of Luther P. Jackson High School: A Report of a Case Study on the Development of a Black High School,” a dissertation completed at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in April of 1993. 3. For an excellent history of massive resistance in Virginia, see Robert A. Pratt, The Color of Their Skin. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1992. 4. When E. C. Funderburk retired in 1969, he was replaced by Lawrence M. Watts. Watts died of a heart attack on June 15, 1970, before he could initiate any changes in district policies, programs, or practices. Chapter 3 1. In 2002-2003, Fairfax County Public Schools served over 23,000 students with disabilities. 2. The high school ranking is based on the number of AP and IB tests taken by all students at a school in 2002 divided by the number of graduating seniors Chapter 5 1. For a comprehensive history of Virginia’s accountability initiative, see Daniel L. Duke and Brie Reck, “The Evolution of Educational Accountability 173 in the Old Dominion.” In Daniel L. Duke, Margaret Grogan, and Pamela Tucker (eds.), Educational Leadership in an Age of Accountability (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2003), pp. 36-68. 2. Only seven Fairfax schools met state guidelines based on the first administration of the SOL tests in the spring of 1998. It should be noted, however , that the first group of students to take the SOL tests knew that their scores would not prevent them from being promoted or graduating. Initial test results were used only for norming purposes and as a general “wake-up call” for educators. Chapter 6 1. The figures represent the staffing numbers for FY 1998. 2. The School Board consists of 12 elected members and one student representative. Of the 12 elected members, 3 are elected as “at large” members. 174 Notes to Chapters 5 and 6 ...


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