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Contents Preface to the Second Edition xi Introduction 1 Part 1 Marx and Engels on Crime and Punishment 37 1 Crime and Primitive Accumulation 45 KariMarx 2 The Demoralization of the English Working Class 48 Friedrich Engels 3 Crime in Communist Society 51 Friedrich Engels 4 The Usefulness ofCrime 52 KariMarx 5 The Labeling of Crime 54 KariMarx vii viii Contents 6 On Capital Punishment 55 Karl Marx Part 2 The Causes of Crime 57 1 Karl Marx, the Theft ofWood, and Working-Class Composition 100 Peter Linebaugh 2 Goths and Vandals: Crime in History 122 Geo.!fr'ey Pearson 3 Hunting, Fishing, and Foraging: Common Rights and Class Relations in the Postbellum South 142 Steven Hahn 4 Organized Crime and Class Politics 169 Frank Pearce 5 Urban Crime and Capitalist Accumulation, 1950-1971 194 Don Wallace and Drew Humphries 6 The Social Economy ofArson: Vandals, Gangsters, Bankers, and Officials in the Making ofan Urban Problem 211 James Brady 7 Wealth, Crime, and Capital Accumulation 258 Harold Barnett 8 Auto Theft and the Role of Big Business 265 Harry Brill 9 The Production of Black Violence in Chicago 279 Cyril D. Robinson 10 Delinquency and the Age Structure of Society 334 David F. Greenberg 11 Rape, Sexual Inequality, and Levels ofViolence 357 Julia Schwendinger and Herman Schwendinger 12 The Gendering ofCrime in Marxist Theory 405 David F. Greenberg Part 3 Criminal Law and Criminal Justice 443 1 The Dialectics of Crime Control 463 Drew Humphries and David F. Greenberg Contents ix 2 A Reinterpretation of Criminal Law Reform in Nineteenth-Century England 509 Michael Rustigan 3 The Walnut Street Jail: A Penal Reform to Centralize the Powers of the State 533 Paul Takagi 4 Policing a Class Society: The Expansion ofthe Urban Police in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries 546 Sidney L. Harring 5 The Political Economy of Policing 568 Steven Spitzer 6 At Hard Labor: Penal Confinement and Production in NineteenthCentury America 595 Rosalind P. Petchesky 7 Convict Leasing: An Application of the Rusche-Kirchheimer Thesis to Penal Changes in Tennessee, 1830-1915 612 Randall G. Shelden 8 The Cooptation of Fixed Sentencing Reform 621 David F. Greenberg and Drew Humphries 9 The Enforcement ofAnti-Monopoly Legislation 641 Harold Barnett 10 The Standards of Living in Penal Institutions 649 Herman Schwendinger andJulia R. Schwendinger Part 4 Crime and Revolution: Is Crime Progressive? 665 1 Crime, the Crisis ofCapitalism, and Social Revolution 674 Morton G. Wenger and Thomas A. Bonomo x Contents 2 Gangs and Progress: The Contribution of Delinquency to Progressive Reform 689 Evan Stark PartS Praxis and Marxian Criminology 737 Glossary 751 Index 757 ...


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