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245 The following card appeared in the Burnet Bulletin on September 5, 1874, in response to the letter from David Doole published in the San Antonio Herald. Unlike Doole, the men involved in the incident from Burnet and Llano Counties were more concerned about their reputations at home than in spreading the news to the general population of Texas. The letter was published under the banner “A Card.” EDITOR BULLETIN: -— In the San Antonio Herald of the 14th ult., there is a communication purporting to be from one D. Doole, which for cool deliberate misrepresentations, and uncalled for malicious slander, is unparalleled by any villifying [sic] article that ever crept into a newspaper. For studied misrepresentations in that letter of the unfortunate differences that have heretofore existed between the stockraisers of Burnet and Llano counties and some of the citizens of Mason county, and the slanderous and libelous attack that is made upon ourselves and others, calls for a reply from us, and we respectfully solicit space in your columns to vindicate ourselves by giving our versions of the matter. “The organized gang of cow thieves in Llano county,” which gives this D. Doole “a great deal of sorrow to report,” are nothing more than peaceable stockraisers of Burnet and Llano counties, who have been in the stock business, some of them for years, and a large proportion of their stock ranges and have for many years ranged throughout the counties of Llano, Gillespie, Mason, San Saba and McCullough [sic]; and besides, these stock men (the undersigned and others), have at different times bought out small stocks of cattle in those counties, Appendix III 246 Appendix III and paid for them, but have never removed them. For some time past many of the people of Mason county, led on and instigated by some of the stock men there, who desire to monopolize the cattle business and use the stock themselves, have opposed and in many cases prevented persons living out of the county from driving, using or controlling their stock in Mason county, and in many cases persons milking the cows of non-residents, have absolutely refused to surrender them when demanded, and most of those people which have been so active in persecuting and attempting to drive us out of that county, have been in the habit of milking, selling and eating our stock with perfect impunity, and in open defiance to our right of property. The “big raid,” referred to by Doole, was nothing more than a peaceable company of cow-drivers under the management of M. B. Thomas, of Burnet, who went up on the line of Llano and Mason counties for the legitimate purpose of marking and branding their stock and the stock of parties for which they were agents, and collecting a drove of cattle for market. Knowing the animosity that some of the people of that county have towards non-resident stock men, and wishing to have no misunderstanding or trouble, Thomas hired two men of Mason Co., to stay continually with the herd that he was collecting and cut out every animal that might get into the herd belonging to any one in that county. A large proportion of this herd were gathered first in Llano county near the line and driven across the line into Mason. After collecting a while in Mason, Thomas started with the cattle to Roberts’ ranch, which was only a short distance from the line in Llano county, with no intention whatever of evading the provisions of the stock law, but intending to return and fill out the drove, and have them inspected as the law directs. It was while the drove was still in Mason county, and according to Doole’s own statement, before they were attempted to be removed beyond the limits of the Co., “our sheriff, Col. John Clark, raised his posse of good citizens,” to arrest Thomas and his men, against whom at that time, there seems to have been no complaint or charge whatever, except that they were on what Doole chooses to call a “raid.” That they were collecting their own cattle, as they had a right to do, contrary to the desire of “our sheriff,” and the men whose tool he is. The sheriff and his posse followed Thomas and his men into Llano county, and without 247 Appendix III the least shadow or show of authority; without warrant of complaint, arrested him and his men and illegally and unlawfully...


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