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240 Literally dozens of men and their families were involved in the Hoo Doo War as active participants. The following list is a tentative effort to identify the primary participants on either side. The list makes no claim to be definitive, and in the case of the Hoo Doos, who closely disguised their identities, some of the names are based upon strong circumstantial evidence. The list is divided into three sections: BairdCooley faction, the Hoo Doos, the Citizenry who attempted to put the feud down or who, as outlaws, preyed upon both sides. In some cases, such as Caleb Hall, they are included with the faction that they were aligned with. Known outlaws of that time period are indicated with an asterisk (*). Baird–Cooley Faction William Scott Cooley John R. Baird John Peters Ringo Moses B. Baird Joseph Graves Olney John C. Carson George Gamel Thomas W. Gamel Marshal B. Thomas A. G. Roberts William Z. “Bill” Redding Thomas S. Redding Champion N. Faris Robert Elihu Faris John Tanner Olney Samuel Young Olney Daniel Stirling Olney William Wallace Olney Andes Murchison Charles Walker Johnson James Williams John Edward Cavin William Thomas Cavin John Byram Faris George W. Gladden The Coggin Family The Francis “Frank” Johnson family The James Bolt Family Appendix I The Factions 241 Appendix I The Erwin Family Andy Murchison The Tanner Family The Hoo Doos John E. Clark Ernst Jordan Fritz Kothmann Christian Oestrich Dietrich Kothmann Conrad Pluenneke Johann Heinrich Hoerster Ernst Dannheim Pete Bader Karl Bader August Leifeste Sr. August Leifeste Jr. Melchoir Bauer Otto von Donop Fritz Thumm Friedrich Schmidt Wilhelm Kothmann Barnard Durst Caleb Hall Jacob Durst Peter Jordan J. G. Durst Daniel Hoerster Caleb Hall* The Dublin brothers, Dick, Roll and Dell* Miles Barler Robert F. Rowntree and family Ben Beeson William Clark The Citizenry John O. Meusebach Johann Keller William Gamel William James Bolt Tim Williamson John W. Gamel Henry M. Holmes George W. Tdd George W. Todd David Doole Karl Lehmberg Johann A. Wohrle James M. Riley (Doc Middleton)* Rube Boyce Martin J. “Mart” Blevins Frank Eastwood* Jeff Ake* William Ake* Wilhelm Kothmann Wilson Hey Daniel Roberts James Trainer Major John B. Jones Ira Long Heinrich Doell Rance Moore ------- Morrison Ike Pryor Cicero R. Perry James A. Baird ...


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