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xiii Acknowledgments Many people helped in the preparation of this book. Among those who deserve thanks, for this effort as well as others, are a triumvirate of historians whom the author values both as friends and colleagues. Both Rick Miller and Chuck Parsons are well-established historians and friends whose knowledge of Texas has proven invaluable time and again. A very special thanks is also due to the guru of archivists and researchers, Donaly E. Brice, who shared his extensive knowledge of Texas and the Texas State Archives without stint. An extra special thanks must go to Claire Brice who not only opened her home to the author but tolerated a horde of researchers descending on her with their minds fixed firmly on nineteenth-century Texas. Also to Ieva Johnson, my wife, who so often recognized the far off look in my eyes. Special thanks also to Jane Hoerster and Johnie Lee Reeves, who gave unfailing support for the project. Beatrice Langehennig, Diane Pence, Joy Kitchens, and Linda Phillips helped far more than they can imagine tracking down ancient records in the Mason County Courthouse, and Karylon Russell was a godsend in Llano County. Nina Olney helped greatly in fleshing out both Olneys and Tanners. Glenn Hadeler shared not only his research but the poem he wrote years ago on the feud. In compiling this book for publication a number of interviews and significant correspondence has taken place. Those of particular help include, but are not limited to, Bob Alexander, Francis Blake, Vickie Bonner, Joyce Capps, Foster Casner, Tommy Clark, Ina Davis, Joan Buck de Korte, Karen DeVinney, Julius DeVos, Thomas and Susan Doell, Marvin Doyal, R. L. Faith, H. V. “Todd” Faris, Gary Fitterer, Paralee (Mrs. J. C.) Foster, Jo Ann F. Hatch, Clay Lake, Betty Marglon Henning, Era Fay Huff, Jeff Jackson, Norma Karter, Nina Legge, Sarah Lockwood, Dennis McCown, Milton McWilliams, Mrs. Lou Metcalfe, Paula Oates, Jerry Ponder, Michael Redding, David Leer Ringo, Pete Rose, Karylon Russell, George Mack Taff, LaVoy Taylor, Don Watson, Iru Zeller, and Scott Zesch. Last, but hardly least, is Ronald Chrisman, director of the University of North Texas Press who asked the type of questions that have made this a better book. Without all of you this book would not have been possible. This page intentionally left blank ...


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