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Contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction: Taking Ignorance Seriously 1 Bill Vitek and Wes Jackson Part One. First Cut Toward an Ignorance-Based Worldview 21 Wes Jackson The Way of Ignorance 37 Wendell Berry Ignorance—an Inner Perspective 51 Robert Perry Human Ignorance and the Limited Use of History 59 Richard D. Lamm Ignorance and Know-How 67 Conn Nugent Part Two. Second Cut Optimizing Uncertainty 81 Raymond H. Dean Toward an Ecological Conversation 101 Steve Talbott Ignorance and Ethics 109 Anna L. Peterson Imposed Ignorance and Humble Ignorance—Two Worldviews 135 Paul G. Heltne Part Three. Precursors and Exemplars Battle for the Soul of Ignorance: Rhetoric and Philosophy in Classical Athens 151 Charles Marsh Choosing Ignorance within a Learning Universe 165 Peter G. Brown The Path of Enlightened Ignorance: Alfred North Whitehead and Ernst Mayr 189 Strachan Donnelley Joyful Ignorance and the Civic Mind 213 Bill Vitek Part Four. Applications I Don’t Know! 233 Robert Root-Bernstein Lessons Learned from Ignorance: The Curriculum on Medical (and Other) Ignorance 251 Marlys Hearst Witte, Peter Crown, Michael Bernas, and Charles L. Witte Economics and the Promotion of Ignorance-Squared 273 Herb Thompson Educating for Ignorance 293 Jon Jensen Climate Change and the Limits of Knowledge 307 Joe Marocco Can We See with Fresh Eyes? Beyond a Culture of Abstraction 323 Craig Holdrege Contributors 335 Index 341 ...


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