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Acknowledgments First and foremost, I would like to thank the NASA History Office for its sponsorship and support of this project: Steven J. Dick, NASA Chief Historian; Steve Garber, NASA Historian; Jane Odom, Chief Archivist; Colin Fries, John Hargenrader, and Liz Suckow, archivists; and Nadine Andreassen, program support assistant. My thanks also to Chris Gamble and other anonymous referees for reading the entire manuscript and making numerous suggestions that greatly improved the final version. Great indebtedness is acknowledged to the original team that compiled the original Origins of NASA Names, which was directed by Monte D. Wright, Director, NASA History Office, and written by Helen T. Wells, Susan H. Whiteley, and Carrie E. Karegeannes. Reaching back to acknowledge the personal genesis of this project, in 1967 the author got a job as a full-fledged reporter for McGraw-Hill’s Electronics magazine with a beat covering the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Communications Satellite Corp. (COMSAT), and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). I had been working for the magazine in New York City as an apprentice, and the day I left for my new assignment I was handed a copy of the Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use (NASA SP-7, 1965) by Sally Powell, the magazine’s extraordinary copy editor. She drew a heart on the flyleaf and told me that I would need it. She was right. That dictionary and my experiences covering NASA during the Apollo years sowed the seeds for this work. My thanks go to Sally Powell and the reporters who taught me the language of the early Space Age: Bill Hines, Seth Payne, Ray Connolly, Joe Roberts, Louise Dick, Les Gaver, and the first Archivist of the Space Age, Lee D. Saegesser. I would also like to thank the late Cecil Paul Means, Dr. Michael J. Neufeld (NASM), Tom Mann of the Library of Congress, and Richard D. Spencer, Reference Librarian, NASA HQ. Also thanks to Mary V. Yates, who worked diligently to bring style and consistency to the final manuscript. 245 This page intentionally left blank ...


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