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Abbreviations The abbreviations that appear in this dictionary are those currently used in NASA publications as well as those commonly used in lexicography. Books listed in the bibliography are generally cited in the source notes in short form (surname/short title). The following additional abbreviations are used in the source citations. adj. adjective ALSJ Glossary Garry Kennedy, comp., Glossary appended to NASA’s on-line Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, ASP Glossary Astronomical Society of the Pacific, “Introductory Astronomy Glossary,” tnl/14/14.html AP Associated Press CP- NASA Conference Publication EP- NASA Educational Publication FY fiscal year “Glossary of “Glossary of Aerospace Age Terms,”in “Can You Talk the Aerospace Language of the Aerospace Age?”(brochure published by Age Terms” the U.S. Air Force Recruiting Service, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, 1963) n. noun NASA NASA Names Files, in NASA Historical Reference Collection, Names Files History Division, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC obs. obsolete OED Oxford English Dictionary Paine Report National Commission on Space, Pioneering the Space Frontier: Report of the National Commission on Space (New York: Bantam, 1986) xxiii Abbreviations xxiv RP- NASA Reference Publication SP- NASA Special Publication SP-4402 Helen T. Wells, Susan B. Whiteley, and Carrie Karegeannes, Origins of NASA Names, SP-4402 (Washington, DC: GPO, 1976) SP-7 William H. Allen, Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use, SP-7 (Washington, DC: NASA, 1965) SP-6001 Apollo Terminology, SP-6001 (Washington, DC: NASA, August 1963) TM- NASA Technical Memorandum UPI United Press International USA United States Army USAF United States Air Force USN United States Navy v. verb A Dictionary of the Space Age This page intentionally left blank ...


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