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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many people have helped us in the course of researching and writing this book. They include librarians, scholars, friends, and family. Although we cannot hope to name them all, we wish at least to thank the following people: the librarians at the Jewish Theological Seminary Library, especially Yisrael Dubitsky and Joshua Alan Gorfinkle; Barry Walfish, librarian at the Robarts Library, University of Toronto; the Hispanic Society of America; the Leo Baeck Institute; and Linda Fisher and Myrna Sloam of the Bryant Library in Roslyn, N.Y. Also, we thank librarian Rona Lupkin of Temple Israel of Great Neck for never calling back the books we borrowed, no matter how overdue they were. Scholars with whom we corresponded and who shared data from their own research allowed us to include the most up-to-date material, sometimes even before it was published. Among them are Howard Tzvi Adelman, Carole Balin, Judith Baskin, Albrecht Classen, Don Harran, Yael Levine Katz, Ruth Lamdan, Rebecca Lesses, Joseph Tabory, Barbara Sparti, Frauke von Rhoden, and the scholars at the H-Judaica Listserv. Maria Baader, Sarah Taieb Carlin, Martin Lockshin, and Tirzah Meacham helped us to interpret information and suggested additional sources. Dani and Rachel Blumenfeld, Linda Davidson, Christine Mielicke, Alice Morawetz, William Pinkus, and Isaac Taitz helped us with translations. In addition, we want to thank Rabbi Renni Altman, Rabbi Marim Charry, Rita Gordonson, Adele Lobel, Rabbi Mordecai Waxman, and Natalie Zemon Davis for their help and for sharing valuable information. We depended on Harold Fink for technical support and were always reassured by the knowledge of his readiness to help us through every computer disaster. Mark Deitch, Edward Henry, and Yaakov Taitz also gave technical assistance. Emily Taitz, Sondra Henry, and Cheryl Tallan ix ...


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