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CONTENTS Acknowledgments ix Introduction xi Alphabetical Guide to Jewish Women in the Text xv Chapter 1 BURIED TREASURES: Archeological Evidence from the Ancient Near East 1 Chapter 2 A WRITTEN LEGACY: Literary Evidence from the Ancient Near East to 600 C.E. 21 Chapter 3 JEWISH WOMEN UNDER ISLAM: The Near East, North Africa, and Spain to 1492 47 Chapter 4 FURTHER FROM HOME: Jewish Women in Christian Europe to 1492 73 Chapter 5 A SEPARATE COMMUNITY: Jewish Women in Italy until the 1800s 103 Chapter 6 EUROPEAN JEWRY MOVES EAST: The Early Modern Period (1492-1750) 129 Chapter 7 A DIFFERENT VOICE: Jewish Women in the Lands of Islam (1492-1750) 165 Chapter 8 OPENING DOORS: Jewish Women During and Mter Naskalah (1750-1900) 199 Chapter 9 JEWISH WOMEN IN THE NEW WORLD: From the First Settlement until 1900 237 Epilogue 273 Appendix 275 Notes 279 Bibliography 325 Index 347 vii ...


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