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Acknowledgments This volume grew out of an organized session called “The Psychology of Patriarchy ” held in March 2013 at the annual meeting of the Society for Psychological Anthropology in Los Angeles, California. We especially thank participants Jeanette Mageo, Carol Mukhopadhyay, and Karen Sirota for their valuable contributions to the discussions that helped to inspire this follow-up volume. The book’s contributors participated in a week-long Advanced Seminar in April 2015 at the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, New Mexico, organized by Holly F. Mathews and Adriana M. Manago. Advanced planning for the seminar and preliminary travel to Santa Fe were made possible by funding from the Veronica Campbell Brown Foundation, and efforts to bring the seminar to fruition were strongly facilitated by James Brooks, the former president of SAR, to whom we are deeply indebted. We appreciate the staff members at SAR who made the conference a success, and we are grateful to our contributors for their collegiality, insight, and commitment to critical scholarship and feminist engagement. Suad Joseph served as a discussant in the seminar and generously shared her recent work on families and youth in the Middle East. We especially thank Sarah Soliz, the acquisitions editor for SAR Press, for her critical reading , editing, and guidance in the development of the manuscript. Finally, we thank Michell Gilman, who assisted in the initial preparation and editing of the chapters, and Merryl Sloane, whose careful copyediting improved greatly the readability and accuracy of this book. vii ...


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