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Contents Acknowledgments vii Foreword. Women of the World Unite  ix Miguel Da Costa Frias Chapter One. Introduction: Understanding Women’s Psychological Responses to Various Forms of Patriarchy 1 Holly F. Mathews and Adriana M. Manago Chapter Two. Historical Circumstances and Biological Proclivities Surrounding Patriarchy 31 Naomi Quinn Chapter Three. Growing Up Female in North India 51 Susan C. Seymour Chapter Four. To Make Her Understand with Love: Expectations for Emotion Work in North Indian Families 71 Jocelyn Marrow Chapter Five. Perspectives on Gender Roles and Relations across Three Generations of Maya Women in Southern Mexico 91 Adriana M. Manago Chapter Six. Contested Terrains of Female Education in Rural Muslim Pakistan 111 Ayesha Khurshid Chapter Seven. Moving beyond Notions of Resistance and Accommodation: Understanding How Women Navigate Conflicting Models of Marriage in Rural Mexico 133 Holly F. Mathews Chapter Eight. What Women’s Experiences in Disadvantaged Families in Ankara, Turkey, Have to Tell about Patriarchy 157 Gülden Güvenç Chapter Nine. Theorizing Female Consent: Familism, Motherhood, and Middle-Class Feminine Subjectivity in Contemporary South Korea 175 Kelly H. Chong Chapter Ten. Property, Patriarchy, and the Chinese State 195 Leta Hong Fincher Chapter Eleven. Reflections on Kidnap and Rape Culture: A CrossCultural Comparison of Patriarchy 211 Cynthia Werner Chapter Twelve. Conclusion: Charting a Way Forward 235 Holly F. Mathews and Adriana M. Manago References 245 Contributors 271 Index 273 ...


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