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ix ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would foremost like to thank our contributors for their unflagging efforts in making this volume possible. David Bartholome, Jean Carr, and Joshua Shanholtzer as well as the editorial staff at the University of Pittsburgh Press masterfully (and expeditiously!) guided this collection to publication. The anonymous reviewers of our manuscript helped to sharpen the collection’s individual arguments and overarching claims. Indeed, much of the labor of putting together an edited collection is invisible, on the part of editors and contributors alike but also on the part of all the people behind the scenes—the partners, children, childcare and eldercare providers, reading group members , colleagues, and friends—who support a book’s production. We acknowledge and thank all those who contributed to the visible and invisible labor that went into writing, revising, editing, and publishing this book. We know our work is impossible without you. Jess would especially like to thank her behind-the-scenes crew who supported her as she edited her way through this volume: Scott, Jack, Nancy, and Teddy. David would like to thank his wife, Priscilla, for her unwavering support in this and all other endeavors. WOMENATWORK ...


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