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185 Acknowledgments Over the past decade, I have amassed numerous debts throughout the researching and writing of this book.Thanking the many people who have assisted me is a fitting way to finally bring this project to a close. I benefited immensely from conversations at different stages with David Blight, Keith Bohannon, Glenn David Brasher, Peter Carmichael, John Coski, Gary Gallagher , Barbara Gannon, M. Keith Harris, John Hennessy, Caroline Janney, Bruce Levine, and Brooks Simpson. Numerous people shared sources that in manycases I would haveoverlooked.They include Robert Baker,Christopher Barr, Vicki Betts, Margaret Blough, Yulanda Burgess, David Dixon, Greg Downs, Mark Dunkelman, Lisa Foster, Donald Frazier, W. Todd Groce, John Heiser, John Hennessy, Eric Jacobson, Ethan J. Kytle, Chris Lese, Chris Meekins, Mike Musick,Wayne Motts, Barton Myers, Ken Noe, Nancy Noe, Jason Phillips, Patricia Poland, John Sampson, Stuart Sanders, Katharina Schlichtherle, Timothy Smith, Tim Talbott, Paul Taylor, Bruce Vail, and Daniel Weinfeld. I am grateful to a numberofeditors at various publications online and in print for providing me the opportunity to test ideas about this subject with their readers.Thanks go toTerry Johnston at the Civil War Monitor, Malcolm Jones at the Daily Beast, Clay Risen at the New York Times, Aaron Sheehan-­ Dean at the Journal of the Civil War Era, Dana Shoaf at Civil War Times, Rick Shenkman at History News Network, and Brian Wolly at Smithsonian. I also appreciate invitations from the National Civil War Center, the Medford Historical Society, the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College, Longwood University, and Genesee Community College to speakon this subject as part of their workshops and speaker series. I wrote my first blog post on the subject of the myth of the black Confederate soldier on December 11, 2005. Little did I know that the subject would consume so much attention at Civil War Memory over the course of the next thirteen years and eventually result in this book. Hundreds of blog posts have been written that now contain thousands of reader comments. 186Acknowledgments Civil War Memory has placed me in touch with an incredible community of fellow Civil War enthusiasts and students of history. Many of the ideas contained in this book were first shared on the blog. Perusing the archive of posts and comments is a road map of how my own thinking has evolved on this subject over the years. My readers have been indispensable in correcting mistakes, providing additional sources, and forcing me to rethink certain assumptions. My thanks go to Bob Beatty, Shoshana Bee, Margaret Blough, Bryan Cheesboro, Emmanuel Dabney, Jimmy Dick, Jonathan Dresner , James Epperson, Christopher Graham, Neil Hamilton, Boyd Harris, Thomas Heaney, Patrick Jennings, William Kerrigan, Scott Mackenzie, Al Mackey, A. D. Powell, James Simcoe, Mark Snell, John Stoudt, David Woodbury , and PatrickYoung. I hope that theentire Civil War Memorycommunity will embrace this book as a token of my gratitude. Meeting Myra Chandler Sampson, great-­granddaughterof Silas Chand­ ler,wasoneof thehighlightsonthisjourneyof researchingandwritingabout black Confederates. I stand in awe of her efforts over the years todefend the memory of her famous ancestor through careful research in local and state archives, and I especially appreciate her willingness to entrust what she discovered with me. Myra was never far from my mind during those moments when I put this project aside or thought about abandoning it altogether. It was an honor to have the opportunity to coauthor a magazine article with Myra about Silas Chandler for the fiftieth anniversary issue of Civil War Times in 2012. Thanks go to Andy Hall, who took the time to read and comment on the first four chapters of the manuscript. Readers of Andy’s blog, Dead Confederates , have benefited greatly from his insights and original research into this subject. I also want to thank Colin Woodward for reviewing and commenting on part of this manuscript. His 2014 book, Marching Masters, was essential in helping me organize the first two chapters. Closer to home, I benefited from the wise counsel and friendship of my fellow Book Squad members, Liz Covart, Sara Georgini, Megan Kate Nelson, Heather Cox Richardson, Nina Silber, and Thomas Thurston.Their thorough critiques of early chapter drafts as well as of the book proposal were not always pleasant to read, but they proved to be essential in pointing out interpretive problems and highlighting questions and perspectives that I had not considered. Our time together reminds me of just how important community was to me in maintaining the level of focus and commitment necessary to...


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