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Contents Introduction 1 1 The Camp Slaves’ War 12 2 Camp Slaves on the Battlefield 37 3 Camp Slaves and the Lost Cause 68 4 Camp Slaves and Pensions 100 5 Turning Camp Slaves into Black Confederate Soldiers 123 6 Black Confederates on the Front Lines of the Civil War Sesquicentennial 152 Conclusion 177 Acknowledgments 185 Notes 189 Bibliography 209 Index 221 This page intentionally left blank Figures Andrew and Silas Chandler 13 Impressed slaves constructing earthworks on James Island 16 Camp slave entertaining Confederates in camp 21 Lieutenant J.Wallace Comer and his camp slave, Burrell 31 Confederate general Patrick Cleburne 59 Prayer in “Stonewall” Jackson’s Camp, 1866 77 “Confederate Camp” during the Late American War, ca. 1871 78 Booker T.Washington 83 Camp slaves attending Confederate veterans’ reunion in Tampa, Florida 85 Jefferson Shields 89 Steve “Uncle Steve Eberhart” Perry 91 Three former camp slaves at Confederate veterans’ reunion 93 Dr. R. A. Gwynne at the final Confederate veterans’ reunion 95 Dedication of the Confederate monument at Arlington National Cemetery 98 Newspaper advertisement featuring Robert E. Lee and his camp slave 126 Manipulated photograph of the “Louisiana Native Guard” 136 Camp slave cradling his dying master on the battlefield in Grim Harvest of War 140 H. K. Edgerton 161 Searching for Black Confederates This page intentionally left blank ...


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