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CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Vll INTRODUCTION 3 CHAPTER 1 "Not Merely a Profession" 15 CHAPTER 2 "A Charge to Keep": Hospital Schools of Nursing, 1920-1950 37 I. In Pursuit of Professionalization 39 II. The Culture of Apprenticeship 47 III. College Degrees: The Haves and the Have-Nots 67 CHAPTER 3 The Freelance Nurse: Private Duty from 1920 to World War II 77 I. The Perils of Private Duty 79 II. The Search for Stability 94 III. Resolute Freelancers: Resistance on the Job 101 CHAPTER 4 Public-Health Nurses and the "Gospel of Health," 1920-1955 113 I. "The Bond of a Common Purpose": Origins and Ideology 115 II. "Nurse, Teacher, Counselor, and Friend" 125 III. "Every Nurse a Public Health Nurse" 143 CHAPTER 5 On the Ward: Hospital Nurses since 1930 159 I. The Hospital in Transition 160 II. The Stopwatch, the Efficiency Expert, and the Nurse 168 Vl CONTENTS III. Hospital Work and the Redefinition of Skill 183 IV. Staff Nurses in Revolt 194 CONCLUSION 207 NOTES 221 INDEX 255 ...


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