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4 Little Girl, Little Girl 1 Little girl, little girl, where are the fairy tales, even the false ones cast against the last of the sun? I enter the darkness that exists at the edge of light, a mortal who ages each second, using someone else’s air, speaking the wrong lie. 2 Past the fields of tall grass and Queen Anne’s lace I sleep without dreaming. The leaves overnight rush into color as if some sign were given. Young_FinalTextRev.indb 4 7/22/19 1:00 PM 5 I content myself with whispers inside the skin of my life. 3 What did they talk about afterward, as he fed her kumquats almost bruised to ripeness? In the bed so small, so used and broken. 4 She remembered that there were no trees and the sky was insignificant. What she spoke in darkness could not be heard in sun. Surely he will not harm me, she thought, as she pushed her hands through the thick black fur to find the path that leads into the heart of the world. Young_FinalTextRev.indb 5 7/22/19 1:00 PM ...


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