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  xiii A Note on the Text Judy Young (1940–2015) did not seek to publish this book. She did collect many of the poems here under the title A Careful Hunger , as part of a series of manuscripts (sometimes under different titles) she produced and revised during the second half of her life. About fifteen years after her graduation from Transylvania University in 1962, Young returned to academic studies of literature and writing, first at the University of Kentucky, and then through the low-residency MFA program at Warren Wilson College, where she worked primarily with poets Joan Aleshire and Gregory Orr. She submitted earlier versions of two poems included here, “Song for Which There Are No Words” and “A Scientific Education,” to the Journal of Kentucky Studies, where they appeared in the October 1986 issue, along with three other poems not included in this collection . It was Young’s only creative publication. At various points, she established provisional collections of her best work for possible submissions to a press, but always ultimately refrained from that step, anxious about the prospect of reading often deeply personal poems in a public setting. A Careful Hunger represents a version of the final form Young had made for her works before her death in January 2015. Sue Richards, Mary Ann Taylor-Hall, and I have edited that manuscript , selecting among variant lines where needed and restoring some early poems, to more fully convey the scope of a private literary career. We have also responded to the thoughtful and careful suggestions provided by two anonymous UPK reviewers. As an Young_FinalTextRev.indb 13 7/22/19 1:00 PM xiv   A Note on the Text editorial practice, it seems reasonable to conclude that my mother would have revised both individual poems and the manuscript as a whole, in something like the process we have used, though she doubtless would have made different decisions about specific lines and the poems’ organization than we have. Contemporary editorial theory holds editing to be an inherently interpretive practice: there is no “definite” text that an edition seeks to reflect, but an array of possible texts from which an edition chooses, or enables readers to choose themselves. Sadly, two of my mother’s closest friends and I are only in the position of making such choices because she is not here to do so—or to choose not to do. Speaking for myself, I can only hope that this edition honors an always loving and thoughtful mother who taught me how to read closely and carefully, attentive to both direct and indirect textual expressions, as well as the spaces between them. This collection traces the path of a woman finding her poetic voice in middle age: returning to an often painful childhood; using her extensive travels through Europe and Asia for stray sparks of inspiration; closely observing the natural world, especially the populations of birds moving through the space between her back porch and the lake below; and meditating on the nature of creativity . It is a life’s work. John K. Young September 2018 Young_FinalTextRev.indb 14 7/22/19 1:00 PM ...

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