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vii Acknowledgements This book has taken a long time to come to fruition, and we are deeply grateful to all our contributors for their patience as well as insight. We are indebted to many people who have enabled the volume to grow and develop. Duncan Jones was an endless store of advice, support, and care throughout the whole process, and Ian Brown steered the book through its various stages with generous wisdom and good humour. We are immeasurably grateful to Moira Hansen and Kate Mathis, each of whom provided an immense amount of editorial assistance in the final stage, and did so with meticulous grace; thanks also to Ellen Beard. Warmest thanks, too, to Edinburgh’s Museum of Childhood, and in particular, Curator Lyn Stevens; to the SELCIE research team at the University of Edinburgh for their energy and devotion to the material treasures of Scottish children’s literature, and to David Oulton and Ivon Bartholomew who patiently photographed some of these for us. Special thanks to IASH at the University of Edinburgh for hosting Shu-Fang Lai’s research trips and to MOST of Taiwan for providing travel funding for her research project on Victorian fairy tales; and to the School of Literatures, Languages, and Cultures’ Research Committee at the University of Edinburgh for their support. Lastly, this volume has grown out of a friendship which began in Edinburgh many years ago, kindled by a shared love of children’s literature; and it’s for our mothers, both much missed, who first led us into the garden of books. ...


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