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F O U R Fornicating with Priests, Communicating with Gods During the colonial years, the Maya were able to use their interpretations of Catholic morality to assert control over members of their own communities and over Spaniards and others. Maya people used this understanding for individual and collective gains. Moreover , the Maya were able to develop a colonial moral code that was at once a creative enterprise, a repressive mechanism, and a resistance to Spanish intrusion. The Maya used rules and conventions of Catholicism, the legal system, and the political structure of the Spaniards. In effect, this was one central element that made colonial rule possible: the Maya used devices internal to the structure of the colonial state in order strategically to subvert the powers of certain officials. But in doing so, many Maya allied themselves with the colonial political system in a struggle in which that system was challenging Maya traditions.1 The changing nature of colonial Maya sexual desire shows that desire and morality were altered by the infusion of a new culture. HAVING SEX IN A CHURCH The idea that sexual acts take place in the Catholic Church, particularly involving priests, is a very controversial topic in society today. This was no dif- ferent during the colonial period, and both Mayas and Spaniards tried to exploit the situation. ten cen ah hahal than cin ualic techex hebaxile a uohelex yoklal Pe torres pe dias cabo de escuadra Pe granado sargento yetel pe maldonado layob la ma hahal caput sihil ma hahal confisar ma hahal estremacion ma hahal misa cu yalicobi maix tan u yemel hahal Dios ti lay ostia licil u yalicob misae tumenel tutuchci u cepob sansamal kin chenbel u chekic ueyob cu tuculicob he tu yahalcabe manal tuil u kabob licil u baxtic u ueyob he pe torrese chenbel u pel kakas cisin rita box cu baxtic y u moch kabi mai moch u cep ualelob ixOoc cantul u mehenob ti lay box cisin la baixan pe diaz cabo de escuadra tu kaba u cumaleil antonia aluarado xbolonchen tan u lolomic u pel u cumale tutan tulacal cah y pe granado sargento humab akab tan u pechic u pel manuela pacheco hetun pe maldonadoe tun Ooc u lahchekic u mektanilobe uay cutalel u chucbes u cheke yohel tulacal cah ti cutalel u ah semana uinic y xchup ti pencuyute utial yoch pelil pe maldonado xpab gomes u kabah chenbel padresob ian u sipitolal u penob matan u than yoklalob uaca u ment utzil maçeuale tusebal helelac ium cura u Oaic u tzucte hetun lae tutac u kabob yetel pel lay yaxcacbachob tumen u pen cech penob la caxuob yal misa bailo u yoli Dios ca oc inglesob uaye ix ma aci ah penob u padreilobi hetun layob lae tei huni ma u topob u yit uinicobe yoli Dios ca haiac kak tu pol cepob amen ten yumil ah hahal than I, the informer of the truth, tell you what you should know about Father Torres, Father Díaz, squad corporal, Father Granado, sergeant, and Father Maldonado. They say false baptism, false confession, false last rites, false mass. Nor does the true God descend in the host when they say mass, because they have stiff penises.2 Every day all they think of is intercourse with their mistresses.3 In the morning their hands smell bad from playing with their mistresses. Father Torres only plays with the vagina of that ugly black devil Rita. He whose hand is disabled does not have a disabled penis. It is said he has up to four children by this black devil. Likewise, Father Díaz, squad corporal, has a woman from Bolonchen called Antonia Alvarado, whose vagina he repeatedly penetrates before the whole community, and Father Granado bruises Manuela Pacheco’s vagina all night. Father Maldonado has just finished fornicating with everyone in his jurisdiction and has now come here to carry out his fornication. The whole community knows this. When Father Maldonado makes his weekly visit, a woman 6 4 From Moon Goddesses to Virgins from Pencuyut named Fabiana Gómez provides him with her vagina. Only the priests are allowed to fornicate without so much as a word about it. If a good commoner4 does that, the priest always punishes him immediately. But look at the priests’ excessive fornication, putting their hands on these whores’ vaginas, even saying mass like this. God willing, when the English come may they not be fornicators equal to...


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