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C O N T E N T S LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS xi PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xiii NOTES ON TRANSCRIPTION AND TRANSLATION xix O N E Searching for the Moon Goddess 1 To Desire the Moon Goddess 3 Sexual Desire 6 Colonial Maya Sexual Acts 8 Colonial Maya Sexual Ideas 9 The Historian’s Method 11 T W O Religion and Family 18 Religion 18 Family 31 Revisiting Hybridity 37 T H R E E Framing Maya Sexual Desire 39 Defining the Hybrid Cultural Matrix 41 Sex,Gender,andWar 42 Colonizing Sin 53 Performing the Hybrid 61 F O U R Fornicating with Priests, Communicating with Gods 63 Having Sex in a Church 63 Strategic Inversions 73 Excess Sex:Adultery,Rape,and the Commoners 79 Thinking of Sex 91 F I V E The Unvirgin Virgin 94 The Moon Goddess 95 The Appearance of theVirgin Mary 106 The Moon Goddess and theVirgin 115 The Language ofVirginity 123 The Resilience of the Moon Goddess 126 S I X Gender, Lineage, and the Blood of the Rulers 129 Bodies of Kings 130 The Blood of the Name 142 Blood,Naming,and Masculinity 147 S E V E N Blood, Semen, and Ritual 150 Blood of theVagina 151 Blood of the Penis 161 Phallic Motions andTranssexual Bodies 174 Gendered Blood andTranssexual Bodies 182 E I G H T Transsexuality and the Floating Phallus 183 The Phallus without a Body 184 Transsexuality 199 Colonialism,Oedipus,and the Floating Phallus 210 N I N E Ritualized Bisexuality 213 Sodomites,Homosexuals,Bisexuals 214 Activity and Passivity 222 Pedagogy,Pederasty,and Political Power 232 Sexual Control 239 T E N Finding the Virgin Mary 241 Sexual Acts,Symbols,and Desires 241 Theorizing Hybridity and Sexuality 246 v i i i From Moon Goddesses to Virgins NOTES 251 ABBREVIATIONS 297 BIBLIOGRAPHY 299 INDEX 311 Contents i x THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK ...


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