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v CONTENTS Series Editors’ Preface vii Acknowledgments  ix Introduction  “Cannibalism and . . .”  3 Rachel B. Herrmann Chapter 1  Rituals of Consumption: Cannibalism and Native American Oral Traditions in Southeastern North America  19 Gregory D. Smithers Chapter 2  First Reports of New World Cannibalism in the Italian Mercantile and Diplomatic Correspondence  37 Elena Daniele Chapter 3  Sex and Cannibalism: The Politics of Carnal Relations between Europeans and American“Anthropophagites” in the Caribbean and Mexico  59 Kelly L. Watson Chapter 4  Spaniards, Cannibals, and the Eucharist in the New World  81 Rebecca Earle Chapter 5  “And Greedily Deuoured Them”: The Cannibalism Discourse and the Creation of a British Atlantic World, 1536–1612  97 Jessica S. Hower Chapter 6 Imperial Appetites: Cannibalism and Early Modern Theatre  115 Matt Williamson vi CONTENTS Chapter 7  Retelling the Legend of Sawney Bean: Cannibalism in Eighteenth-Century England  135 Julie Gammon Chapter 8  Honor Eating: Frank Lestringant, Michel de Montaigne, and the Physics of Symbolic Exchange  153 Robert Appelbaum Chapter 9  Conspicuous Consumptions in Atlantic Africa: Andrew Battell’s Fearsome Tales of Hunger, Cannibalism, and Survival  175 Jared Staller Chapter 10  “The Black People Were Not Good to Eat”: Cannibalism, Cooperation, and Hunger at Sea  195 Rachel B. Herrmann Conclusion Beyond Jamestown  215 Rachel B. Herrmann Notes  221 Contributors  271 Index  273 ...


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