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277  To-em-mei’s “The Unmoving Cloud”  with Mr. Shida Feb 5th 1899 from Toemmei. from “To Em Mei Shu”—Works of Toemmei. Both prose + poetry. [停雲] “Teiwun”—Fixed (not moving) Cloud The subject of 4 connected poems. [To-em-mei’s “The Unmoving Cloud” “Wet springtime,” says To-em-mei, “Wet spring in the garden.”1 ] —1st . [1] [靄 靄 停 雲 濛 濛 時 雨] Ai Ai tei wun, mo mo ji u gathering gathering fixed cloud, pattering pattering3 temporary rain. The fixed clouds gather + gather, and the intermittent showers patter + patter. [The clouds have gathered and gathered, and the rain falls and falls,] [3] [八 表 同 昏] Hachi hiŏ dŏ Kon eight surface same dark The earth in all directions is equally dark.4 [The eight ply of the heavens are all folded into one darkness,] [4] [平 路 伊 阻] Hei rŏ ĭ tan5 Flat road this6 wide + flat The flat {level} road stretches out into the flat distance [And the wide, flat road stretches out.] 278 Cribs for Cathay & Other Poems [5] [靜 寄 東 軒] Sei Ki to Ken Calmly sit East room7 {remain}8 I sit calmly {remain quiet} in my Eastern room [99] [I stop in my room towards the East, quiet, quiet,] [6] [春 醪 獨 撫] Shun Ko doku bŭ Spring homemade alone stroke sake Solitary I stroke my Spring’s home-made brew.9 [I pat my new cask of wine.] [7] [良 朋 悠 邈] Rio ho yu bo Good friend distant My good friends have grown strange10 and are far away [My friends are estranged, or far distant,] [8] [搔 首 延 佇] So shu tei {y}En11 tei12 droop13 head long stand still. Drooping my head, I stand still for a long time. [100] [I bow my head and stand still.] 2nd [9] [停 雲 靄 靄] Tei wun ai ai (same as before) To-em-mei’s “The Unmoving Cloud” 279 [10] [時 雨 濛 濛] ji u mo mo (same as before) [Rain, rain, and the clouds have gathered,] [11] [八 表 同 昏] hap- pio14 do Kon (same as before) [The eight ply of the heavens are darkness,] [12] [平 陸 成 江] hei riku sei Ko flat land becomes river The flat land becomes a river.15 [The flat land is turned into river.] [13] [有 酒 有 酒] yu shŭ yu shŭ is sake is sake Here is wine! here is wine!16 [ “Wine, wine, here is wine!”] [14] [閒 飲 東 窗] Kan in to so At leisure drink East window Leisurely I drink at my Eastern window. [101] [I drink by my eastern window.] [15] [願 言 懷 人] gwan gen Kwai jin (wish) speak think of man hoping (word) Longing for words, I think of man.17 [I think of talking and man,] 280 Cribs for Cathay & Other Poems [16] [舟 車 靡 從] shu sha j ri bi ju ship carriage not follow Alas, no ship or carriage attends me. [And no boat, no carriage approaches.] 3rd [17] [東 園 之 樹] Tō yen shi ju East garden of tree on the trees of my Eastern garden [The trees in my east-looking garden] [18] [枝 條 再 榮] shi jō sai yei branch twig again18 flourish boughs and sprays are {again} luxuriant; [ are bursting out with new twigs,] [19] [競 用 新 好] Kio yo shin Ko race use new good vying and vying to make the most of their new beauty [20] [以 招 余 情] i sho yo jo with invite19 my passion with this they appeal to my passion {affection}. [102] [They try to stir new affection,] To-em-mei’s “The Unmoving Cloud” 281 [21] [人 亦 有 言] jin shaku yu gen man again {too} is speak men often are saying [22] [日 月 於 征] jitsu getsu Kan sei sun moon here20 turn21 That sun and moon have their turning. [And men say the sun and moon keep on moving] [23] [安 得 促 席] An tōku soku seki tranquil22 get hold out seat place23 Setting my mat where I can be at ease [ because they can’t find a soft seat.]24 [24] [說 彼 平 生] Setsu hi hei sei to be glad his flat bone {born}25 to explain26 its natural or customary Let me take joy in the course of nature.27 4th [25] [翩 翩 飛 鳥] hen hen hĭ chō moving wings ″ flying bird Fluttering, fluttering, the birds that fly ⎫ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎬ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎭ 282 Cribs for Cathay & Other Poems [26] [息 我 庭 柯] Soku ga tei Ka rest my garden tree {(solitary large)}28 {(small)} Come to rest on the lone tree in my yard. [103] [The birds flutter to rest in my tree] [27] [斂 翮 閒 止] ren hen Kan shi folding wings quietly29 stop. {flutter} Folding their wings, they perch quiet, [28] [好 聲 相 和] Ko sei so wa good voice each other to be familiar30 lovely And with sweet voice, they commune {speak thus31 } with each other. [ and I think I have heard them saying,] [29] [豈 無 他 人] gai mo{u} ta nin (negative) not other man...


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