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268  Old Idea of Choan by Rosoriu  Now for/Comment on To1 Poetry—by Mr. Mori.//Translation of a To poem by Roshōrin,2 /one of longest and best. 572 characters.//Choan had never been burned from Kan to/To.3 This poem is of time of Sokuten Buko,4 the/famous empress—early part of To—Ruled as empress/dowager— (translated life)/There was great luxury and even immorality going on/among higher classes, but this Roshorin, tho’ of great literary merit, was always sickly, and used to live outside/the city. Yet his sensitiveness cannot now and then fail to/perceive the very deplorable future of the city. translation, [2] [長安古意] “Old Idea of Choan” [Old Idea of Choan by Rosoriu]5 bypoeticalcourtesythepoetpretendsthat/heisspeakingoftheChoanofKan6 days,making/allusions, and to Yoshi,7 a Kan retired gentleman/at the end.— [1] [長 安 大 道 連 狹 斜] Cho- an big road continuous narrow streets with (no verb)9 Choan’s broad avenues This first line contains theme or germ of the whole10 [The narrow streets cut into the wide highway at Choan,] [2] [青 牛 白 馬 七 香 車] Blue11 cow, white horse, seven fragrant carriage woods (wheeled) incense Cows and horses are drawing these chariots made of fragrant woods. blue cow is for carriage, white horse for riders. [Dark oxen, white horses,] drag on the seven coaches with outriders. The coaches are perfumed wood,]12 Old Idea of Choan by Rosoriu 269 [3] [玉 輦 縱 橫 過 主 第] jewel palanquin longitudinally horizontally pass princess’ mansion (by hand crossing before yashiki13 [The jewelled chair is held up at the crossway, Before the royal lodge]14 [4] [金 鞭 絡 繹 向 侯 家] Gold saddle15 weaving unraveling16 towards17 marquis’ house golden saddles in (ordinary house) [a glitter of golden saddles, awaiting the princess,] They eddy before the gate of the barons.] [3] {(horse eating hay)} [5] [龍 銜 寶 蓋 承 朝 日] Dragon swallow precious canopy receive morning sun Dragon munching18 costly (sun shade) means the dragon on top of the handle//the precious canopy which the dragon swallows [The canopy embroidered with dragons drinks in and casts back the sun.]19 [6] [鳳 吐 流 蘇 帶 晚 霞 Hoö20 vomit flowing tassel imbibe21 evening fog22 Ho emit shaking (of saddle) Lacquered and embroidered on the saddle are belted by the evening haze— The flowing tassels which the Ho’s vomit [Evening comes. The trappings are bordered with mist.] ⎫ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎬ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎭ 270 Cribs for Cathay & Other Poems [7] [百 丈 遊 絲 爭 繞 樹] Hundred xx {jo} floating threads vying intertwine trees (10 feet) to twist about (in garden) with thread For a thousand feet Mr. Mori thinks it means the ripples of air which alone the outsiders23 could see/as sign of many gathered together, but it seems to me a vista— [The hundred cords of mist are spread through and double the trees,]24 [8] [一 群 嬌 鳥 共 啼 花] One Group coquetting birds together warble flowers a flock vain mutually chirp to the flowers (naku)25 Mr. Mori thinks it is women in garden as heard from outside. [Night birds, and night women,26 spread out their sounds through the gardens.] End of 1st Stanza [4] beauty of beginning with same words as end of previous stanza, but diff meaning27 [9] [啼 花 戲 蝶 千 門 側] Warbling flowers, playing butterflies thousands gate side Birds understood and butterflies playing with the flowers are seen by the side of/the thousand gates. (as seen down the street.) [Birds with flowery wing, hovering butterflies crowd over the thousand gates,]28 ⎫ ⎪ ⎪ ⎬ ⎪ ⎪ ⎭ Old Idea of Choan by Rosoriu 271 {white} [10] [碧 樹 銀 台 萬 種 色] jewel trees silver platforms myriad kinds colors {Jade}29 {terrace seed30 (shoku)31 in gardens seen above fence} (sensuous forms) both are of myriad varieties and colors {kinds of colors} colors may be double, fragrance of trees, hues of buildings [Trees that glitter like jade, terraces tinged with silver, The seed of a myriad hues,] [11] [複 道 交 窗 作 合 歡] Covered roads interchanging window-holes make meeting pleasure (corridors) regularly intervals {mutual} at various heights or may be interlacing.32 That is, as they circle around the mountains, they can see one another from windows. Seems to be a name for form of window.33 [A net-work of arbours and passages and covered ways,] [12] [雙 闕 連 甍 垂 鳳 翼] Double towers continue tile34 hang-down ho winged35 turrets in row tiles made in form of birds along the edge. [Double towers, winged roofs, border the net-work of ways:] [5] [13] [梁 家 畫 閣 天 中 起] Rio’s house {the} painted stories heaven middle stand Some proper name of Rio’s house Rioki36 a general of Kan. Rio means beam. [A place of felicitous meeting. Riu’s house stands out on the sky, with glitter of colour] 272 Cribs for Cathay & Other Poems [14] [漢 帝 金 莖 雲 外 直] Kan emperor golden lotus...


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