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261  A Ballad of the Mulberry Road  陌 上 桑 Haku jo so Highway on Mulberry tree [A Ballad of the Mulberry Road (Fenollosa MSS., very early.)] [1] 日 出 東 南 隅 nichi shutsu to nan gu Mr. Mori says these two lines are specially beautiful Sun rises East South Corner The sun rises in the South East Corner [The sun rises in south east corner of things] [2] 照 我 秦 氏 樓 sho ga shin shi ro shines (on) our name of a family family two storied house clan And it shines on the villa of the Shin clan. [To look on the tall house of the Shin] [3] 秦 氏 有 好 女 Shin shi yu ko jŏ Shin family has pretty girl The Shin family has a pretty daughter [new page] [For they have a daughter named Rafu, (pretty girl)] ⎫ ⎬ ⎭ 262 Cribs for Cathay & Other Poems {sheet} {gauze} {spreading} [4] 自 名 為 羅 敷 ji mei i ra fu herself name make girl’s name She herself made her name gauze veil –1 [She made the name for herself: “Gauze Veil,”] [5] 羅 敷 善 蠶 桑 ra fu zen san sō Rafu excel in2 silk worm mulberry {in skill} Gauze Veil was skillful in feeding mulberries to silkworms [For she feeds mulberries to silkworms,] [6] 採 桑 城 南 隅 sai so jo nan gu pluck mulberry castle South corner {used for town}3 She plucks mulberry leaves at the South corner of the castle [new page] [She gets them by the south wall of the town.] [7] 青 絲 為 籠 系 sei shi i ro kei green strings make basket warp (distinguished from woof4 {blue}5 She makes blue strings the woof of her basket (weaves them in) [With green strings she makes the warp of her basket,] ⎫ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎬ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎭ A Ballad of the Mulberry Road 263 [8] 桂 枝 為 籠 鈎 kei shi i ro kō Katsura6 branch makes basket shoulder strings7 strings to fasten around the 2 shoulders She makes the shoulder strings of her basket out of ivy branches [She makes the shoulder-straps of her basket from the boughs of Katsura,] [9] 頭 上 倭 墮 髻 to jo wa da kei head on to curl incline hair-arrangement (mage8 ) like a snake to one side coil a special arrangement of a girl’s hair that falls over left side on her head is coiled her one-sided tress arrangement [new page] [And she piles her hair up on the left side of her head-piece.] [10] 耳 中 明 月 珠 ji chu mei getsu shŭ ear in bright moon gem means pearls In her ear shine moon gems [Her earrings are made of pearl,] {moengi}9 {silk}10 [11] 緗 綺{curious} 為 下 裙{裾} Sho ki i ka kiŏ11 light green12 special word makes under skirt for some kind of pattern cloth must find some13 Light green name for cloth She makes or uses for her underskirt [Her underskirt is of green pattern-silk,] ⎫ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎬ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎭ 264 Cribs for Cathay & Other Poems [12] 紫 綺 為 上 襦 shi ka{i} i jo jŭ jŭ of juban14 purple same kind of makes upper vest cloth purple she uses for her over-vest [new page] [Her overskirt is the same silk dyed in purple,] [13] 行 者 見 羅 敷 ko sha ken ra fŭ go one who sees Rafu Those who pass by seeing [And when men going by look on Rafu] [14] 下 擔 捋 頿 鬒15 ka tan ratsu shi shin{ŭ} taking down burden twist (the upper lip moustache moustache) put down their load and pull the moustache on their upper lip [ They set down their burdens, They stand and twirl their moustaches.] [15] 少 年 見 羅 敷 sho nen ken ra fū little year sees Rafu The young men seeing [16] 脫 帽 著 帩 頭 datsu bo chaku sho to Taking off hat put on gauze {cap}16 head Take off their hats and put on their head gauze (so that their fine hair can be seen) A Ballad of the Mulberry Road 265 [17] {畊}17 者 忘 其 犂{corn}/?/{cow} 18 Ko {Kō} sha bo ki ri To cultivate one who forget his spade or plough? Those who work in the field forget their ploughs [18] 鋤 者 忘 其 鋤 jō sha bo ki jō uses hoe one who forget his hoe hoes Those who harrow the fields forget their hoes [19] 來 歸 相 怨 怒 rai ki sho en do come{came} return with each other regret angry Those who approach and those who try to get away reproach and scold each other [20] 但 坐 觀 羅 敷 tan za kwan ra fū only sit look at Rafu end of one stanza They care only to kneel down and stare at———— Notes ABALLADOFTHEMULBERRYROAD (Lustra, 98; 100–4232: n.p. MF 3386; Pound’s #31; Yuefu shiji 樂府詩集 (hereafter YFSJ) 28:4b–5a; 陌上桑 [On Mulberry Road], anonymous, 2nd century ce. (Not to be confused with Li Bo’s poem of...


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