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161  Exile’s Letter  (another) name [憶 舊 遊 寄 譙 郡 元 參 軍] Oku Kiu yu Ki sho gun gen san gun recollecting past travel write tow {name}1 district family Council war2 old pleasure to no meaning name title making3 Remembering former play write to Councillor Gen of Sho district (epistle) [Exile’s Letter] ____________________ = Kasu4 [1] [憶 昔 洛 陽 董 糟 丘] Oku seki raku yo to so Kiu recollect ancient Rakuyo — name of lit. name family husk- hill what remains after wine is extracted I now remember that it was the To—So Kiu of Rakuyo [To So-Kin of Rakuyo, ancient friend, Chancellor of Gen.]5 ⎫ ⎪ ⎪ ⎬ ⎪ ⎪ ⎭ ⎫ ⎪ ⎪ ⎬ ⎪ ⎪ ⎭ 162 Cribs for Cathay & Other Poems [2] [為 余 天 津 橋 南 造 酒 樓] I yŏ ten shin Kio nan zo shu ro For me6 heaven port bridge South make wine storied build house (Who) for me specially built a tavern to the South of the Tenshin bridge. [Now I remember that you built me a special tavern By the south side of the bridge at Ten-Shin.] [3] [黃 金 白 璧 買 歌 笑] O gon haku heki bai Ka sho Yellow gold white jewel7 buy songs laughter (Where) buying song and laughter with gold and jewels [With yellow gold and white jewels, we paid for songs and laughter] [4] [一 醉 累 月 輕 王 侯] Itsu sui riu{ui} getsu Kei O ko One drink successive months disdain kings (+) princes once drunk (And) once drunk for months8 together I despised Kings + Princes [44] [And we were drunk for month on month, forgetting the kings and princes.] [5] [海 內 賢 豪 青 雲 客] Kai d{N}ai Ken go sei wun Kaku sea interior wise great blue cloud9 guest From all parts of the Empire came flocking wise and brave great/guests in prosperous court life (to me while I was there) [Intelligent men came drifting in from the sea and from the west border,] ⎫ ⎪ ⎬ ⎪ ⎭ Exile’s Letter 163 [6] [就 中 與 君 心 莫 逆] Shu chu yo Kun Shin baku giaku {“especially”} with lord mind not ra{u}n counter take middle you oppose And amongst them {it was} with you especially that are minds10 had/nothing running counter. [And with them, and with you especially There was nothing at cross purpose,]11 [7] [逥 山 轉 海 不 作 難] K{w}ai zan ten Kai fu saku nan to make Mt. to make sea not make hard roll turn consider (You) considering it nothing even if you had to tu roll over mts/and turn back the oceans for me,//(determined to go through hardships for my sake) [And they made nothing of sea-crossing or of mountain crossing,]12 [8] [傾 情 倒 意 無 所 惜] Kei jo to i mu sho saku literally emotion mind not what lament “make incline” invest/= will regret pour into = here, give entirely to “tip” (upset?)13 And pour out all your emotion + will, without regret14 /(devote your mind for me) [45] [If only they could be of that fellowship, And we all spoke out our hearts and minds, and without regret.] ⎫ ⎪ ⎪ ⎬ ⎪ ⎪ ⎭ 164 Cribs for Cathay & Other Poems [9] [我 向 淮 南 攀 桂 枝] Ga Ko wai nan hon Kei shi I facing name of South climb Katsura15 leaves river up mokusei16 laurel I facing the region South of the Wai, climbed the laurel/trees (they are abundant there, and there is a poem of same expression/by old king of Wainan17 )/only a poetical way of saying he had to go there. [And then I was sent off to South Wei, smothered in laurel groves,] [10] [君 留 洛 北 愁 夢 思] Kun riu raku hoku shu mu shi lord remaining name of North feeling sorry dream thought you water And you remained North of the Raku river, so that we/part to [undergo] of thinking of each other in dream (only18 [And you to the north of Raku-hoku,19 Till we had nothing but thoughts and memories in common.]20 [11] [不 忍 別] Fu jin betsu not forbear separate And as we could not forbear being separated,22 [And then, when separation had come to its worst,] Exile’s Letter 165 [12] [還 相 隨] Kan sho zui again mutually follow We again came together. [46] [13] [相 隨 迢 迢 訪 仙 城] Sho zui sho sho ho sen jo mutually following far- far visit sennin fortress very name of mt. And accompanying each other we travelled far into the Senjo Mts, [We met, and travelled into Sen-Go,]23 [14] [三 十 六 曲 水 逥 縈] San ju roku Kioku sui K{w}ai yei 36 {(fold)}24 bent water twining bent thread25 twist Where the 36 fold bending waters twine + twist, [Through all the thirty-six folds of the turning and twisting waters,] 26 [15] [一 溪 初 入 千 花 明] Itsu Kei sho g{n}iu sen Ka mei one valley first entered myriad27 flowers bright28 (watery valley) 1000 On entering the first valley...


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