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98  The River Song  2nd volume of text (5th of smaller volumes6 ) Kiang [江 上 吟] Ko jo gin (1) (our numbers7 ) {(estuary)?}8 above sing (gin = song without music) River by “Song at the River.”9 [The River Song] 10 The River Song 99 sand = del. marks on wood11 sand do of kaido = do = {generic} trees like kaido12 [A1] [木 蘭 之 枻 沙 棠 舟] Moku ran shi yei Sha to shu Magnolia no13 side of a name of a tree possibly like Keyaki14 boat boat15 A (fine) boat of shato wood, with sides of mokuran, [This boat is of shato-wood, and its gunwales are cut magnolia,] [A2] [玉 簫 金 管 坐 兩 頭] Gioku sho kin k{w}an za rio to Jewel16 flute gold pipe sit both heads instrument of wind both sides jeweled flute, and gold pipe, and (musicians) sitting17 /in row on both sides, [Musicians with jewelled flutes and with pipes of gold Fill full the sides in rows, and our wine] [A3] [美 酒 尊18 中 置 千 斛] Bi shu son chu chi sen goku Fine wine wine tub in put 1000 a measure = 100 sho19 (and) with fine wine put in casks to amt. of 100 sho. [Is rich for a thousand cups.]20 ⎫ ⎪ ⎩ ⎧ ⎪ ⎭ ⎫ ⎪ ⎩ ⎧ ⎪ ⎭ ⎫ ⎪ ⎩ ⎧ ⎪ ⎭ 100 Cribs for Cathay & Other Poems [A4] [載 妓 隨 波 任 去 留] Sai gi zui ha nin Kio riu Carry courtesan follow waves control oneself21 to passive let things go laisse-faire go away stop22 singer Carrying also/{with}/singing girls, {those that sit/on both sides}/and following passing course of waves,/going or stopping as the boat will. [3] [We carry singing girls, drift with the drifting water,] [A5] [仙 人 有 待 乘 黃 鶴] Sen nin yu tai jo Ko Kaku Sennin has {is} wait ride yellow stork Sennin is in need of a yellow stork to ride on [Yet Sennin needs A yellow stork23 for a charger, and all our seamen24 ] [A6] [海 客 無 心 隨 白 鷗] Kai Kaku mu shin zui haku o sea guest not mind follow white gull fisherman no {contrast}/(whereas) a sea man, without intention, follows the white gulls/(whither29 they go or come) [Would follow the white gulls or ride them.]30 ⎫ ⎪ ⎪ ⎬ ⎪ ⎪ ⎭ The River Song 101 [A7] [屈 平 詞 賦 懸 日 月] Kutsu pei shi fu ken jitsu getsu Kutsugen Kuppei36 prose song hang on sun moon lit = words measured rhymed prose Kutsugen’s prose and poems hang together with sun + moon/i.e. (are handed down to posterity never /changing in brightness, fame, like sun + moon)37 [Kutsu’s prose song Hangs with the sun and moon.] [A8] [楚 王 臺 榭 空 山 丘] So o dai sha ku san Kiu {So} province King terrace palace vacantly38 mountain hill (Whereas) the terraces + palaces of the King of So have left/nothing behind but mountains + hills.//(Mr. Mori thinks that mts. here means what served as/foundations, rather than heaps of ruins!) [4] [King So’s terraced palace is now but a barren hill,] 102 Cribs for Cathay & Other Poems [A9] [興 酣 落 筆 搖 五 嶽] Kio K{w}an raku hitsu yo go gaku pleasure at its height let fall pen make five peaks39 merriment brandished move rapidly At the height of the merriment,40 I sweep my pen, and write poems/in such powerful strokes as to cause the 5 peaks to tremble. [But I draw pen on this barge Causing the five peaks to tremble,] [A10] [詩 成 笑 傲 凌 滄 洲] Shi sei sho go rio so shu poem is made laugh41 pride compete blue a group of islands assume proud with archipelago countenance prevail (a verb)42 The poem being now made, I laugh with all pride in/my heart, pride which spreads over (is wide as) the blue islands beyond.43 [And I have joy in these words like the joy of blue islands.] [A11] [功 名 富 貴 若 長 在] Ko mei fu ki jaku cho zai Merit fame wealth nobility if long exist If merit, fame, wealth, + nobility were to last forever, [(If glory could last forever] [A12] [漢 水 亦 應 西 北 流] Kan sui yeki o sei hoku riu {Kan} water water also will West North flow name of the ought to Kan Ko44 Han river The water of the Han River ought to flow North West (instead/of S.E. as now) [Then the waters of Han would flow northward.)] The River Song 103 [5] [second poem begins here] appropriate spring46 B0 [侍 從 宜 春 苑] [奉 詔 賦] Ji ju gi shun yen , ho sho bu waiting upon at Gi Shun Garden following decree compose (poem) (Emperor) order [And I have moped in the Emperor’s garden, awaiting an order-to-write!] [龍 池 柳 色 初 青] (on the riu chi riu shoku sho sei subject of) dragon pond willow color (for first time) blue [I looked at the dragon-pond, with its willow-coloured water Just reflecting the sky...


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