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xiii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to acknowledge our great debt of gratitude to everyone who has made this volume possible. First, of course, we must thank the John Templeton Foundation for choosing Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks as the Templeton Prize Laureate for 2016, without which none of this project would have started. We are grateful to Heather Templeton Dill for her generous hosting of the prize ceremonies in London and San Antonio and for kindly contributing the foreword to this volume. Particular mention must be made of Dr. Mary Ann Meyers and the John Templeton Foundation’s Humble Approach Initiative for organizing the symposium on “Redeeming the Past and Building the Future: Confronting Religious Violence with a Counter Narrative” in London, January 28–­­ 30, 2017. Dr. Meyers’ hard work and careful attention to detail was evident at every point during the symposium, and throughout her support during the process of getting the participants to contribute to this volume of the collected papers. It was a privilege to share the symposium with ten other international scholars from very different fields—­ theology, philosophy, religious studies, anthropology, law, conflict resolution, journalism, education, and several branches of science—­ who responded to the John Templeton Foundation’s invitation. Having read each other’s papers in advance, we learned much over the course of the three days from our discussions, debates, and conversations, especially through listening to each other’s contrasting experiences. We are grateful to everyone without exception xiv Acknowledgments for revising their papers for publication in this volume, especially in managing to keep to a very demanding schedule for the editing and publication process. We are also very grateful to King’s College London for hosting the symposium, especially to the Principal and President, Professor Ed Byrne, for presiding over the opening reception and dinner in the historic Council Room of King’s and for granting permission to use his other rooms for the private conversations of the next two days, and to the professional services staff, including the catering and security teams who ensured that everything went so smoothly. We were honored by the presence of several observers throughout the colloquium—­ Jonathan Hellewell from 10 Downing Street; Dr. Grahame Davies, Assistant Private Secretary to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales; and Canon David Porter, Chief of Staff for the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace—­ and we hope that our deliberations may assist them in their important work of preserving the world from violence. We were delighted that Dr. Carey Newman, the Director of Baylor University Press, agreed to publish this volume, and we wish to express our thanks to his staff, particularly Cade Jarrell and Madeline Wieters, for all their assistance throughout the process of editing, production, and publication. We are indebted, as always, to our own colleagues and staff, especially Joanna Benarroch and Dan Sacker in the Office of Rabbi Sacks, and Dr. Clare Dowding, manager of the Dean’s Office, King’s College London, without whom neither of us would be able to do all things which we do! Finally, we want to pay tribute to Dr. Megan Warner, who was then teaching Hebrew Bible/Old Testament in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies in King’s College London, not only for attending throughout the symposium, but also for assembling the various and disparate papers from all the contributors and for editing them into this coherent whole; without her enormously hard work, it simply would never have been completed. Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks The Revd Canon Professor Richard A. Burridge ...


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