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v CONTENTS Foreword ix Heather Templeton Dill Acknowledgments xiii Contributors xv Introduction 1 Richard A. Burridge and Jonathan Sacks Setting the Scene 1 The Stories We Tell 19 Jonathan Sacks Part I Biblical and Classical Background 2 (Re-­ )Reading the New Testament in the Light of Sibling Rivalry 39 Some Hermeneutical Implications for Today Richard A. Burridge 3 Open Religion and Its Enemies 59 Guy G. Stroumsa vi Contents Part II Reflections from the Front Line 4 Radical Encounters 77 Climate Change and Religious Conflict in Africa Eliza Griswold 5 Empathy as Policy in the Age of Hatred 93 Amineh A. Hoti 6 Devoted Actors in an Age of Rage 103 Social Science on the ISIS Front Line and Elsewhere Scott Atran Part III Moral, Philosophical, and Scientific Reflections 7 Religious Freedom and Human Flourishing 133 Robert P. George 8 Compassionate Reason 147 The Most Important Cultural and Religious Capacity for a Peaceful Future Marc Gopin 9 The Superorganism Concept and Human Groups 167 Implications for Confronting Religious Violence David Sloan Wilson Part IV Theological Reflections 10 Monotheism, Nationalism, Violence 185 Twenty-­Five Theses Miroslav Volf 11 Countering Religious, Moral, and Political Hate-­Preaching 195 A Culture of Mercy and Freedom against the Barbarism of Hate Michael Welker Contents vii 12 Between Urgency and Understanding 205 Practical Imperatives in Theological Education William Storrar Concluding Reflections 219 Jonathan Sacks Notes 223 Bibliography 255 Index 279 This page intentionally left blank ...


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