The Florence Picpoems


Picpoetry is the process of combining iphoneography and instant text writing. It is a practice initiated by picpoet, an iphoneographer, writer and performer. Picpoems are immediately uploaded on picpoet’s account on Instagram and also fed into picpoet’s website The text draws from the visual of the photograph but also attempts to capture the multisensorial atmosphere of the particular time and space in which the photos are taken. The text must be written quickly while immersed in the specific space, and remain unedited, in an imitation of automatic writing, but with the atmospheric imprint on it.

The Florence Picpoems is a series commissioned by Ric Mohr and Nadir Hosen, the organisers of the International Symposium on Technologies of Law and Religion: Representation, Objects and Agency that took place in the Prato Centre of Monash University in Prato, Tuscany, on the 13-15 June 2016. Part of the symposium was a guided visit to the Monastero di San Marco in Florence. Picpoet was asked to create a series of picpoems drawing from the visit to the city of Florence in general, and the visit to the monastery in particular.

The picpoems reflect on such issues as law and justice, legal spatiality and temporality, agency, digitalisation and AI in relation to the law, objects and materiality, bodies and movement, and so on. The connection between the textual and the visual is tight and parallel, yet not descriptive. This allows questions on the relevance of the law in terms of affective, embodied and spatialised movements to emerge both pictorially and textually, and ultimately left unanswered.

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picpoet. 2018. The Florence Picpoems. In: Pavoni, A., Mandic, D., Nirta, C. and Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, A. (eds.). See. Pp. 197-207. London: University of Westminster Press. DOI: License: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0

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