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Preface and Acknowledgments ix Introduction: The Bodhisattva Path and the Christ Path 1 Comparative Theology as Christian Theology • Some Historical Background • Theology of Religious Pluralism • Plan of This Book I Two Paths 1 Two Problems, Two Miracles 25 What to Study? • Bridging Gaps • The Miracle of the Bodhisattva • The Miracle of the Great Exchange • Matchless Wonders II Perfection of Wisdom and the Bodhisattva Path in Śāntideva 2 The Bodhisattva Path 59 Undertaking the Way of Enlightenment: Text and Reader • Cultivating Awakening Mind: Starting Where We Are 3 Extreme Wisdom, Groundless Compassion 82 Expanding and Dispelling the Self • Perfection of Wisdom • Back to the Bodhisattva • Being Buddha III Christian Reflections 4 The Bodhisattva as Aspirant: Creatures and No-Self 127 Creatures and No-Self • The Blessings of Emptiness • Mimetic Self: Too Little or Too Much? • No-Self and the Cross CONTENTS viii Contents 5 The Bodhisattva as Buddha: Immanence and Emptiness 165 Buddha Nature • Theosis, Divine Energies, and Bare Awareness • Attainment and History • Attainment and Self-Consciousness • Practicing Bare Immanence • Christ and the Bodhisattva 6 How Do Buddhas Help?: Bodhisattva as Benefactor and Christ as Savior 209 Many Faces of Compassion • Three Ways That Bodhisattvas Help • Deity and Benefactor Meditation • Christian Reflections • Benefactor Practices in Christian Perspective • Bodhisattva and Christ I: Diversity and Person-Making • Bodhisattva and Christ II: Why Christ Suffers and Bodhisattvas Don’t Conclusion: Crucified Wisdom 261 Notes 271 Works Cited 309 Index 321 ...


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