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ix Acknowledgments From the beginning of this book project, I wanted to enlist authors who could write from rich firsthand experiences. I thank the eleven contributing authors who generously penned their insights into their respective chapters to make The Expressive Lives of Elders: Folklore, Art, and Aging a readable and actionable collection of essays. This book, however, also benefited greatly from the perceptive suggestions of two engaged peer reviewers whom I thank for their contributions to the shaping of this book. I also thank Jason Baird Jackson, the Material Vernacular Series editor, for his thoughtful direction on this project. Throughout various stages of this project, student workers helped with the formatting and compiling of the manuscripts. Thanks go to Dom Tartaglia, Micah Ling, Evangeline Mee, Katlin Suiter, Emily Hunsicker, and Donald Bradley for their work on this project. Gary Dunham and his team at Indiana University Press made this project a reality. At the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Folklore Society, Gary suggested an edited volume on folklore and aging. The next year, several of the volume’s authors contributed papers to two panels on the topic for the 2017 annual meeting. After the conference, Janice Frisch and Kate Schramm at the press worked their magic, helping me stay on track and on time with this project. Their dedicated efforts and gentle reminders helped bring this collection into existence. I am thankful for the scholars and elders whose words and influence informed these essays. From Barbara Myerhoff and Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett to Alan Jabbour and Simon Bronner, several scholars have broadened and deepened our understanding of the expressive lives of older adults. The observations offered in this volume came from the contributors working with dozens of older adults who shared their lives, talents, and insights with us. While the names of the elders who helped shape this book are too numerous to list here, I would acknowledge Joseph F. Patrickus Jr. (1947–2018) for his contribution to this project as his life was drawing to an end. I am appreciative of him and the many unnamed older adults who collaborated with the authors of this volume. The EXPRESSIVE LIVES of ELDERS ...


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