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Acknowledgments This work has been supported by two faculty development grants from the College of Humanities at the University of Utah. I wish to thank the college and the university for their support. I also wish to thank colleagues, friends, and research assistants who in their different capacities contributed to this work. First and foremost is Shohreh Gholsorkhi (University of Utah, later Princeton University), who served as my primary resource person on the Persian obituaries (data collection and translation). She also worked on the English obituaries and some Arabic as well. We worked together for many years on this project, and her contribution has been invaluable. Nayer Fallahi (University of Utah) was my resource person for the 1998 obituaries. I thank her for her time, effort, and enthusiasm for the project. For additional consultation on Persian obituaries, I thank my colleagues Soheila Amirsoleimani and Michel Mazzaoui at the University of Utah. I also thank them for their moral support and for listening when I needed to talk. Others have helped in data collection as well, particularly Valerie Smith and Tessa Hauglid. Basima Bezirgan at the University of Chicago Library and Suad Muhammad Gamal at Washington University have provided me with library resources, information, and support during the sabbatical years I spent in Chicago and St. Louis, and I thank them both. For help with statistics, I wholeheartedly thank Soleiman Abu Badr (University of Utah) for his time, patience, and advice, which helped make this a better volume. I am also indebted to the late Nawal El Mahallawi (Al-Ahram), who provided me with information and resources I could not have accessed on my own. Her encouragement and support will be missed. 9 This page intentionally left blank ...


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