Manuscript Sources

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  • Department of Finance.1
  • Finance series (F).
  • Supply series (S).
  • Department of Industry and Commerce.
  • Control of Manufactures Act temporary file.
  • Industries files: Inds. series (Inds.); Inds. A series (Inds. A); Inds. B series (Inds. B).
  • Trade and Industries Division (TID).
  • Trade, Industries, and Mining Division (TIM).
  • Trade Facilities Act I/58 I/D.
  • Dublin Municipal Archives, City Hall, Dublin.
  • B1/ Records of Stokes and Kelly, Bruce, Symes and Wilson, stockbrokers, 24 Anglesea Street, Dublin.
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  • Stock market listings, 1924–1939.
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  • Annual reports; minutes of annual general meetings.
  • National Library of Ireland.
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  • G.C. series 1938.
  • University College Dublin Archives.
  • Blythe Papers.
  • McGilligan Papers (McG Papers).
  • Mulcahy Papers.

Printed Works


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  • Flour Milling Industry. Report of the survey team established by the Minister for Agriculture. 1965. A53/5.
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  • Minister of Agriculture. 1932–1933 to 1939–1940. reports.
  • Tariff Commission. 1926. R 36/2. Application for a Tariff on Margarine.
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  • Tariff Commission. 1934. R 36/15. Application for a Tariff on Books of Prayer.


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1. The records of both the Department of Finance and the Department of Industry and Commerce have now been transferred to the National Archives in Dublin.

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