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This book would not have been possible without the vision, passion, and commitment of the principal, teachers, staff, and parents at the high school where this research took place. These inspiring educators and cultural workers are harbingers of the change we need. I also thank their students, whose energy and activities were central to this work. I additionally thank the participants at the University of California, Berkeley, scholar-activists who contributed important perspectives and skills to the TEACH Project: Rick Ayers, Kelly Buchanan, Victor Diaz, Heidi Ku'ulei Hata, Lanette Jimerson, Alexis Martin, Jose Gutierrez, Sonia Martin Poole, Gerald Reyes, Allison Scott, Hillary Scott, Pierre Tchetgen, Sneha Veeragoudar Harrell, and Dawn W. Ferreira. I thank Mersia Gabri El, Casey Hunt, Cherise Martinez-McBride, Roger Smith, Aaron Ward, Joy Lee, Eda Levenson, and Erin Murphy-Graham for their important contributions, as well as Ayesha Walker, Lissa Soep, and Jacinda Abcarian of Youth Radio. Sharon Merritt, Maryanne Berry, and Grace Kim— thanks for our explorations in Second Life. I thank Yvette Jackson, Eric Cooper, LaVerne Flowers, and the other members of the National Urban Alliance who influenced my thinking on working with educators. Also, I thank Mimi Ito, Barrie Thorne, Michael Carter, and the other participants of the Digital Youth Project who provided intellectual community and critical resources for this work. I especially thank members of my family for so much goodness: Kobie Mahiri; Jelani, Nina, and Helio Mahiri; Ayana and Nia Crawford; and Ajamu, Ahlia, and Soleil Kitwana. A special thanks to Miyako Tsujimoto—for everything. Finally, I thank Fani Garagouni, who wonderfully facilitated the research and writing of this book.

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