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It's a little daunting to write a book about DOOM. There's a mass of information out there, lovingly collated and compiled by an army of fans who have a vast knowledge about the game, and the challenge is doing justice to them as much as to the game itself. This book would simply not have been possible without them. The honor roll includes Ian Albert, George Bell, Tony Fabris, Ledmeister, Lee Killough, Nathan Lineback, Hank Leukart, Zeta000, and the many unaccredited authors of the DOOM Wiki. Special thanks also go to Jacek Dobrzyniecki, Rowan Kaiser, and Lara Sanchez Coteron for passing on old reviews (and translating them too).

Likewise, I have to pay tribute to the makers of the “greatest game ever made,” who have been exceptionally generous and forthcoming. Tom Hall, Sandy Peterson, Bobby Prince, and John Romero were all only too happy to subject themselves to questions via phone and e-mail. Tom Hall also supplied the title of the book—big thanks for that! I'm writing this sitting on a balcony in Mesquite, Texas, looking out toward id Software's offices, where the team has been absurdly welcoming. John Carmack, Kevin Cloud, Matt Hooper, Todd Hollenshead, and Tim Willits were all happy to give up their time, and special thanks go to Donna Jackson, who made my visit such a pleasure. My overriding memory will be Tim's fantastically succinct summation of the difference between Classic DOOM and DOOM 3 as moving from “I'm fucked!” to “I'm fucked in the dark!”

I also have to thank Mark J. P. Wolf and Bernard Perron, the series editors, for the opportunity to write this book and for invaluable comments during the editing process. Equally, colleagues at the University of Portsmouth should be thanked, particularly Steve Hand and David Anderson, both of whom were very patient with me as I vanished into DOOM world toward the end of the writing period. Thanks also go to friends and colleagues around the world who found themselves on the end of rants, arguments, and jet-lagged mumblings about the project. You know who you are.

Finally, thanks to the two most important people in my life: Jessica and Oscar. I love you, and I'd fight through the forces of Hell for either of you any day of the week.

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