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I cannot begin to name everyone who was helpful in the preparation of this work, but some deserve special mention. At the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, I am grateful for the good counsel of Samson H. Levey, of the Los Angeles faculty; Jacob R. Marcus and Herbert Paper, both of the Cincinnati faculty; Abraham Aaroni and Fritz Bamberger, both of the New York faculty; and Harold Epstein, of the national administration. In addition, Ezekiel Lifschutz, former archivist of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York City, provided valuable assistance.

Very special thanks go to Stanley F. Chyet, of the College-Institute’s Los Angeles faculty. As a close friend and editor par excellence, he gave generously of his time and vast fund of knowledge. I was deeply encouraged by his guidance and inspiration.

Appreciation is extended to the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research for its permission to publish my translation of the Sidney Bailey memoir, and to Tel Aviv University for its permission to include my translated excerpts of Herman Rosenthal’s The Jewish Farmer, which were first published in Michael: On the History of the Jews in the Diaspora, vol. III, edited by Lloyd P. Gartner (Tel Aviv: Diaspora Research Institute, Tel Aviv University, 1975). Special credit is due, respectively, to Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, the American Jewish Historical Society, YIVO, the American Jewish Archives, the New York Public Library, Temple Beth El (Birmingham, Michigan), the State of Michigan Archives, Yuri Suhl, and Adam Yarmolinsky, for permission to publish rare photographs.

I am also grateful to Janice Vrancic, of Cincinnati, for the devoted care she gave the typing of my manuscript.

Finally, my thanks to my wife Ellie for her unfailing encouragement and support.

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