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This key may be considered a virtual bibliography for it includes all the unpublished records, documents, source collections, and works to which my notes refer with some frequency. Omitted here are works and manuscripts cited only once. All term papers unless otherwise marked are in the AJAr.

Abrahams, Hebraic Bookland

Israel Abrahams, By-Paths in Hebraic Bookland (Phila., 1920).


Appleton’s Cyclopaedia of American Biography.

ADL Story

The ADL Story, etc. (pamphlet, n.p., n.d.), copy in Marcus Collections.

Adler, Creed and Deed

Felix Adler, Creed and Deed (N.Y., 1877).

Adler, I Have Considered the Days

Cyrus Adler, I Have Considered the Days (Phila., 1941).

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Cyrus, Adler, Jacob H. Schiff: His Life and Letters (2 vols., Garden City, N.Y., 1928).

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Cyrus Adler (ed.), The Jewish Theological Seminary of America Semi-Centennial Volume (N.Y., 1939).

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Frank J. Adler, Roots in a Moving Stream: The Centennial History of Congregation B’nai Jehudah of Kansas City, 1870-1970 (Kansas City, Mo., 1972).

Adler, Selected Letters

Ira Robinson (ed.), Cyrus Adler Selected Letters (2 vols., Phila., 1985).

Adler & Connolly, Buffalo

Selig Adler and Thomas E. Connolly, From Ararat to Suburbia: The History of the Jewish Community of Buffalo (Phila., 1960).

Adolph Huebsch: A Memorial

Rev. Dr. Adolph Huebsch, Late Rabbi of the Ahaweth Chesed Congregation, New York. A Memorial (N.Y., 1885).


The American Hebrew.

Ahlstrom, Relig. Hist. of Am. People

Sidney E. Ahlstrom, A Religious History of the American People (New Haven, 1972).


The American Israelite [until 1874: The Israelite].


American Jewish Archives (publication).


American Jewish Archives (institution), Cincinnati.


American Jewish Historical Quarterly.


American Jewish Historical Society, Waltham, Mass.


American Jewish Year Book.

Allen, “Reform Judaism”

Daniel Allen, “Reform Judaism as Reflected in the Proceedings of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1897-1910” (HUC term paper, n.d.).

American Jews’ Annual

The American Jews’ Annual (Cincinnati, Chicago, and N.Y., 5645-57 A.M. [1884-1897]).

American State Papers (1949)

American State Papers and Related Documents on Freedom in Religion (Washington, D.C., 1949).


The Americana.

Analyticus, Jews Are Like That

Analyticus, Jews Are Like That! (N.Y., 1928).

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Charles Annes, “The Life and Works of Joseph Krauskopf” (rabbinical thesis, HUC, 1954).

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James Apple, “A Study of Pennsylvania Jewry as reflected in the Occident, 1850-1861, inclusive” (HUC term paper, n.d.).


The Asmonean.

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Ella F. Auerbach, “Jewish Settlement in Nebraska, General Survey” (n.p., n.d.), typescript, copy in Marcus Collections.

Auerback, “San Francisco Jewry”

Norman Auerback, “A Study of San Francisco Jewry as Reflected in The Weekly Gleaner, 1857-1861” (HUC term paper, 1971).


Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums.

B. & B., JOUS

Joseph L. Blau and Salo W. Baron (eds.), The Jews of the United States, 1790-1840: A Documentary History (3 vols., N.Y., 1963).

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E. Digby Baltzell, The Protestant Establishment (N.Y., 1964).

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Baron Festschrift

Joseph L. Blau, et al., Essays on Jewish Life and Thought Presented in Honor of Salo Wittmayer Baron (N.Y., 1959).

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Bernard M. Baruch, My Own Story (N.Y., 1957).

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Bernard M. Baruch, The Public Years (N.Y., 1960).


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Martin P. Beifield, Jr., “The Founding of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations” (HUC term paper, 1969).

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Martin P. Beifield, “Joseph Krauskopf, 1887-1903” (rabbinical thesis, HUC, 1975).

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Norman Bentwich, Solomon Schechter (Phila., 1938).

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H. Berkowitz, Judaism on the Social Question (N.Y., 1888).

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Max D. Berkowitz, The Beloved Rabbi: An Account of the Life and Works of Henry Berkowitz (N.Y., 1932).

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Isaac B. Berkson, Theories of Americanization, etc. (N.Y., 1920).

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Howard Allen Berman, “His Majesty’s Loyal Opponents: A Comparative Study of the Presidencies of Kaufmann Kohler and Solomon Schechter” (rabbinical thesis, HUC, 1974).

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Jeremiah J. Berman, Shehitah: A Study in the Cultural and Social Life of the Jewish People (N.Y., 1941).

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Charles S. Bernheimer, The Russian Jew in the United States (Phila., 1905).

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Saul Besser, “A Study of the Mercantile Club of Philadelphia from 1853-1896” (HUC term paper, 1961).

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Edward N. Calisch, The Light Burns On: Centennial Anniversary, Beth Ahabah (Richmond, Va., 1941).

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Abraham W. Binder, The Jewish Music Movement in America (N.Y., 1975).

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Biographical Encyclopaedia of Ohio of the Nineteenth Century (Cincinnati, 1876).

Biographical Directory of the American Congress

Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1971 (Washington, D.C., 1971).

Birmingham, “Our Crowd”

Stephen Birmingham, “Our Crowd”: The Great Jewish Families of New York (N.Y., 1967).

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Maurice Bisgyer, This is B’nai B’rith: A Book of Facts (Washington, D.C., 1947-48).

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William Blank, “The Programs, Activities, Goals, and Accomplishments of Local B’nai B’rith Societies, etc.” (HUC term paper, 1974).

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Joseph L. Blau (ed.), Cornerstones of Religious Freedom in America (Boston, 1950).

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Joseph L. Blau, Judaism in America: From Curiosity to Third Faith (Chicago, 1976).

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Joseph L. Blau, Modern Varieties of Judaism (N.Y., 1966).

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Joshua Bloch, Of Making Many Books, etc. (Phila., 1953).

Bloch Memoirs

Edward Bloch’s memoirs, AJAr.

Blood, Joseph Krauskopf

William W. Blood, Apostle of Reason: A Biography of Joseph Krauskopf (Phila., 1973).

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Isidor Blum, The Jews of Baltimore, etc. (Baltimore, 1910).

Bob, “San Francisco”

Steven Bob, “The Jews of San Francisco” (HUC term paper, 1974).

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Boris D. Bogen, Jewish Philanthropy, etc. (N.Y., 1917).

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Joseph Brandes and Martin Douglas, Immigrants to Freedom: Jewish Communities in Rural New Jersey since 1882 (Phila., 1971).

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Allen duPont Breck, The Centennial History of the Jews of Colorado, 1859-1959 (Denver, 1960).

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David Brener, The Jews of Lancaster, Pennsylvania: A Story With Two Beginnings (Lancaster, Pa., 1979).

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Barrett R. Brickner, “Jewish Community of Cincinnati: Historical and Descriptive, 1817-1933” (Ph.D. diss., University of Cincinnati, 1933).

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Neil Brief, “A Short History of the Jewish Chautauqua Society of America (1893-1960)” (HUC term paper, n.d.).

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Jonathan M. Brown, “The Day-to-Day Activities of a Jewish Fraternity as Reflected in the Minute Books of several B’nai B’rith Lodges, 1870-1890” (HUC term paper, 1964).

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Marc Brownstein, “Jewish Life in Philadelphia as reflected in the Jewish Exponent, October 1888 - December 1892” (HUC term paper, n.d.).

Burder, History of All Religions

William Burder, A History of All Religions, etc. (Phila., 1872).

By Myself I’m A Book

By Myself I’m A Book! An Oral History of the Immigrant Jewish Experience in Pittsburgh (NCJW, Waltham, Mass., 1972).

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William Vincent Byars, B. and M. Gratz: Merchants in Philadelphia, etc., 1754-1798 (Jefferson City, Mo., 1916).

Cahn, Baltimore

Louis F. Cahn, The History of Oheb Shalom, 1853-1953 (Baltimore, 1953).

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Kate B. Carter, Jews in Early Utah (Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Lesson for April, n.p., 1952).

Caughey, California

John Walton Caughey, California (N.Y., 1953).

CCAR Journal

Central Conference of American Rabbis Journal.


Central Conference of American Rabbis Yearbook.

Changing Patterns

Dixon Wecter, et al., Changing Patterns in American Civilization (Phila., 1949).

Chomsky, Hebrew

William Chomsky, Hebrew: The Eternal Language (Phila., 1957).

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Stanley F. Chyet (ed.), Lives and Voices (Phila., 1972).

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Charles Cist, Sketches and Statistics of Cincinnati in 1859 (Cincinnati, 1859).

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Robert Glass Cleland and Glenn S. Dumke, From Wilderness to Empire: A History of California (N.Y., 1959).

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Robert Glass Cleland and Frank B. Putnam, Isaias W. Hellman and the Farmers and Merchants Bank (San Marino, Calif., 1965).

Clothing Workers of Chicago

Leo Woldman (ed.), The Clothing Workers of Chicago, 1910-1922 (Chicago, 1922).

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Gaston D. Cogdell, “American Reform Judaism as Reflected in the Proceedings of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1898-1903” (HUC term paper, n.d.).

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Naomi W. Cohen, A History of the American Jewish Committee, 1906-1966 (Phila., 1972).

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George Cohen, The Jews in the Making of America (Boston, 1924).

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Norman Cohn, Warrant for Genocide, etc. (N.Y., 1969).

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Donald B. Cole, Handbook of American History (N.Y., 1968).

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Arthur Charles Cole, The Irrepressible Conflict, 1850-1865 (N.Y., 1934).

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Edward D. Coleman (comp.), The Jew in English Drama (N.Y., 1943).

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Lawrence M. Colton, “American Jewry From the Vantage Point of the London Jewish Chronicle for the Years 1901-1910” (HUC term paper, 1965).

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Henry Steele Commager, The American Mind: An Interpretation of American Thought and Character Since the 1880’s (New Haven, 1950).

Commager (ed.), Living Ideas

Henry Steele Commager (ed.), Living Ideas in America (N.Y., 1951).

Coney Island and the Jews

Coney Island and the Jews (N.Y.?, 1879?).

Congress Weekly

Congress Weekly: A Review of Jewish Interests.

Constitution of Cincinnati Phoenix Club

Constitution und Neben-Gesetze der Gesellschaft Phoenix (Cincinnati, 1873).

Constitution of Phoenix Club of Detroit

Constitution and By-Laws of the Phoenix Social Club of Detroit (Detroit, 1884).

Constitution of the Jewish Hospital Association of Philadelphia

Constitution and By-Laws of the Jewish Hospital Association of Philadelphia (Phila., 1866).

Corning, Dict. of Oregon History

Howard McKinley Corning, Dictionary of Oregon History, etc. (Portland, Or., 1956).

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Philip Cowen, Memories of an American Jew (N.Y., 1932).

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Elwood P. Cubberley, Public Education in the United States (rev. ed., Cambridge, Mass., 1947).

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Dieter Cunz, The Maryland Germans: A History (Princeton, N.J., 1948).

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Merle Curti et al., An American History (2 vols., N.Y., 1950).

Curti, American Thought

Merle Curti, The Growth of American Thought (N.Y., 1943).


Dictionary of American Biography.

DAH (1942)

Dictionary of American History (N.Y., 1942).

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Herman Dana, The Early Days of Beth Israel Hospital, 1911-1920 (privately printed, n.p., 1950).

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Moshe Davis, The Emergence of Conservative Judaism: The Historical School in 19th Century America (Phila., 1963).

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Maurice Davis, “A History of the Jewish Center Movement in America” (rabbinical thesis, HUC, 1949).

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Edward Davis, The History of Rodeph Shalom Congregation, 1802-1926 (Phila., 1926).

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Moshe Davis and Isidore S. Meyer, The Writing of American Jewish History (N.Y., 1957).


Die Deborah.

Dedication of the Jewish Hospital of Philadelphia

Dedication of the Jewish Hospital of Philadelphia, Tuesday, May 28, 1867 (Phila., 1867).

De Haas, Louis D. Brandeis

Jacob De Haas, Louis D. Brandeis (N.Y., 1929).

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Leonard Dinnerstein (ed.), Antisemitism in the United States (N.Y., 1971).

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Leonard Dinnerstein, The Leo Frank Case (N.Y., 1968).

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Bernard Drachman, Neo-Hebraic Literature in America (N.Y., 1901?).

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Bernard Drachman, The Unfailing Light (N.Y., 1948).

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Albert Ehrenfried, A Chronicle of Boston Jewry: From the Colonial Settlement to 1900 (Sherman Oaks, Ca., 1963).


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David Max Eichhorn, “Christianizing America’s Jews” (typescript, 2 vols., 1938), copy in Marcus Collections.

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Jonathan Eichhorn, “Attempts at Creedal Formulations in American Reform Judaism” (rabbinical thesis, HUC, 1962).

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David Max Eichhorn, Evangelizing the American Jew (Middle Village, N.Y., 1978).

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Kaufmann Kohler (ed.), David Einhorn Memorial Volume, etc. (N.Y., 1911).

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Azriel Eisenberg (ed.), Eyewitnesses to American Jewish History: Part IV, The American Jew (N.Y., 1982).

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Azriel Eisenberg, et al., Eyewitnesses to Jewish History from 586 B.C.E. to 1967 (N.Y., 1973).

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Ben Zion Eisenstadt, Hakme Yisrael be-Amerika (Yiddish, N.Y., 1903).

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Judah David Eisenstein, Ozar Zikhronothai: Autobiography and Memoirs (Yiddish, N.Y., 1929).


Encyclopaedia Judaica.

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Ismar Elbogen, A Century of Jewish Life (Phila., 1944).

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Herman Eliassof, German-American Jews (Chicago, 1915).

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H.G. Enelow (ed.), Yahvism and Other Discourses by the Late Rabbi Adolph Moses (Louisville, 1903).


Encyclopedia of Zionism and Israel.

Erie Temple

The Temple. . . Erie, Pennsylvania, etc. (Erie, Pa., 1930).


Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences (N.Y., 1949).

Essex Story

The Essex Story: A History of the Jewish Community in Essex County, New Jersey (Newark, 1955).

Everybody’s Business

Everybody’s Business: The Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, 50th Anniversary Issue, November 1953, pp.5 ff., copy in Marcus Collections.

Facts About Fictions

Facts About Fictions Concerning the Jew (Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Chicago, n.d.).

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Harold Underwood Faulkner, The Quest for Social Justice, 1898-1914 (N.Y., 1931).

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Lewis S. Feuer, “Recollections of Harry Austryn Wolfson,” MS, Horace Kallen Collection, AJAr.

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Floyd Sidney Fierman, “Some Higher Educational Efforts among Jews in America Prior to 1881” (typescript, Pittsburgh, 1949).

Fifty Years of Jewish Philanthropy in Greater Boston, 1895-1945

Fifty Years of Jewish Philanthropy in Greater Boston, 1895-1945 (Boston, 1945).

Fifty Years of Social Service in N.Y.

Fifty Years of Social Service, etc. (N.Y., 1926?).

Fifty Years’ Work of the H.E.S.

Fifty Years’ Work of the Hebrew Education Society of Philadelphia, 1848-1898 (Phila., 1899).

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Joseph L. Fink, Summary of C.C.A.R. Opinion on Church and State as Embodied in Resolutions Adopted at Conferences Through the Years (CCAR, n.p., 1948).

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Louis Finkelstein (ed.), The Jews: Their History, Culture, and Religion (3d ed., 2 vols., N.Y., 1960).

First Annual Report of the U.H.C. of Chicago, 1888-89

First Annual Report of the United Hebrew Charities of Chicago for the Year 1888-89 (Chicago, 1889).

First Fifty Years of the NCJW

The First Fifty Years: A History of the National Council of Jewish Women, 1893-1943 (n.p., 1943).

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Ruth Fischlowitz, The “Y” Story, 1880-1964 (St. Louis?, 1964?).

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Steven Clark Fraser, “Sidney Hillman and the Origins of the ‘New Unionism’, 1890-1933” (Ph.D. diss, Rutgers U., 1983).

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Allen Isaac Freehling, “The American Jewish Community’s Reaction to the Fluctuating Immigration Policy of the United States Congress” (rabbinical thesis, HUC, 1967).

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Robert T. Gan, “A Documentary Source Book for Jewish-Christian Relations in the United States, 1865-1914” (rabbinical thesis, HUC, 1967).

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