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160. Seal of Jana Son of Maul

Dimensions: 16 mm. Impression.

Location: Styrian National Archives, Graz, No. 7916a.

Though small in diameter, the full dimension of the wax impression is 29 mm. on the document. The device is a five-pointed star with crescent moon, sunk within a high bowl-shaped rim. The crescent moon is almost concealed by wax which oozed out when the seal was originally impressed. There is no lettering.

The seal is attached to a document dated May 15, 1482, in which the Jew Jana, son of Maul of Marburg, releases Lord Wolfgang von Stubenberg from the payment of two letters of debt amounting to four hundred gulden each. Other records indicate that Maul, Jana’s father, was one of the wealthiest Jewish bankers of Marburg, owning three houses. Marburg, after Graz, was the second most important town in Styria.

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