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117. Seal of Moses Son of Our Teacher Master Jacob

(M)oshe b[ar] M[orenu] Har[ab] Yaakob Vav-Shin-Yod(?) Moses Son of Our Teacher the Master Jacob, and That He May Live(?)

[at right]

[    ] MOYSE [    ]

[    ] Moses [    ]

Dimensions: 23 mm. Impression.

Location: Main Provincial Archives of Koblenz, 612, No. 839.

Bibliography: Brincken, 1963–64; Schilling, 1964, 1:B180.

Seal of Count Johann von Eberstein, 1361. Illustration from Hohenlohe-Waldenburg, 1973, No. 32. Original from which this drawing was made is in the Waldenburg Palace Museum of Seals.

This somewhat damaged seal shows three five-petaled heraldic roses on a shield; the shield is framed within a decorative rosette, with small figures in the field. A similar device is found on the 1361 seal of Count Johann von Eberstein, illustrated here. Within two solid lines is the inscription in Hebrew. To the right of the Hebrew only one word remains of the Latin letters, the name of the seal owner. The last letters of the Hebrew may form the pious contraction indicated here, referring to the father of Moses; because of their spacing, they might also form the end of another word.

The seal is appended to a parchment document dated May 10, 1377, 15 × 9 cm., written in German, which states that the Jews Moses and Reyne, residents at Koblenz, issue a receipt to the city of Andernach for the acceptance of a bill of two hundred gold gulden. Moses seals with his seal for himself and his wife.

In another document from the Andernach City Archives, now incorporated into the Koblenz Archives, dated January 26, 1384, the Jews Moses and Reynette of Koblenz issue a receipt to the Andernach citizens Johann Langeheynen and Jacob of Mendig, standing in their place for four hundred gold gulden, the indebtedness to be paid in installments. The issuer seals for himself and his wife, and the damaged seal of Moses again is appended. The wording of this document confirms that Reynette and Reyne are indeed the same person and that since her marriage Reynette no longer uses the seal of her former husband but willingly agrees to be legally bound by the seal of her second husband.

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