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116. Seal Used by Reynette

[    ] Bar Abraham Shin-Yod

[    ] Son of Abraham, That He May Live

Dimensions: approximately 18 mm. Impression.

Location: Main Provincial Archives of Koblenz, 612, No. 838.

Bibliography: Brincken, 1963–64; Schilling, 1964, 1:B179.

This seal is quite badly damaged. A lion rearing to the left is shown on the shield, with the Hebrew inscription around. Though the first name of the seal owner is missing, the letters bar or “son of” are clear. This creates a problem because the seal is appended to a parchment document dated May 25, 1374, 21 × 7 cm., written in German, whose principal is a woman. The substance of this document is that Reynette, a Jewess at Koblenz, is issuing a receipt to the Andernach citizen Clas of Bernitzheym and to Jacob, also called Brunsteyn, standing in their place for one thousand gold gulden, and knowingly seals.

Reynette—clearly referred to in the German of the document as “Jewess at Koblenz”—must have been using the seal of a dead husband and continuing his business. As we will see in the next document, Reynette, there called Reyne, appears as a married woman three years later. This must be a remarriage, for Moses, the husband mentioned, refers to his father as Jacob, while Reynette’s seal mentions Abraham as the father of the owner. The two seals are also very different.

The individuals in charge of the Main Provincial Archives of Koblenz, specifically Theresia Zimmer and Bertram Resmini, have patiently answered many detailed questions from this writer. According to their records, Reynette or Reyne in 1366 and 1375 is referred to as the widow of Low, a man mentioned once elsewhere in the archives. She is associated with Moses in 1377 (as noted in the document discussed in No. 117 below) and again in 1379. It is the opinion of these archival experts that Reynette used the seal of her late husband Low until 1374.

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