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115. Seal of Joseph

*Yo[sef][    ]

Dimensions: 19 mm. Impression.

Location: Main Provincial Archives of Koblenz, 612, No. 837.

Bibliography: Brincken, 1963–64; Schilling, 1964, 1:B178.

This damaged seal of Joseph shows the crude figure of an ox, facing left, on a shield. Above to the right is a six-pointed star; above to the left is a blotched image, possibly a matching crescent moon, as so often is seen on these seals. The Hebrew legend on the rim, above a beaded line, is almost completely destroyed. The first letter, the yod, is quite clear, with remnants of the vav following. Anna-Dorothee van den Brincken thinks that the Hebrew following the name Joseph may read Tebuah, which she suggests might be a proper name. This writer does not see these letters. The device of an ox on the shield is used here, as elsewhere, representing the biblical Joseph.

The parchment document is dated December 2, 1372, 23 × 9 cm., written in German, and states in summary that Joseph, Jew at Koblenz, issues a receipt to the city of Andernach for seven hundred gold gulden as a down payment and announces sealing of same.

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