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109. Seal of Moses Son of Isaac

Moshe bar Yitzḥak

Dimensions: 20 mm. Impression.

Location: Main Provincial Archives of Koblenz, 54 S 770.

Bibliography: Brincken, 1963–64; Schilling, 1964, 1:B159.

This seal shows a crescent moon on a shield. The round Hebrew legend is between lines. It is appended to a parchment document dated October 23, 1332, 22 × 10 cm., written in Latin, stating that Mussin, also named Leysheim, and Meyer of Mayen, Jews from Trier, arrange with the knight Tilmann von Schwarzenberg regarding his debt of 110 pounds Tournosen which will fall due by Christmas. If payment is not made, the interest will be two Tournosen for each pound weekly. Though there are two principals and Mussin seals, the document states that Meyer does not have a seal.

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