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98. Seal of Veivel the Jew


+ S * Veivel * Ivd

Dimensions: 28 mm. Impression.

Location: Bavarian Main State Archives, Munich, Regensburg City Doc. 2525.

Between heavy beaded lines, the inscription commences with a large stylized cross and then goes clockwise, the Ivd as usual being in reverse letters. The Gothic script is somewhat more legible than on the seals of Gnendel and Chalman, though all three are similar in general feeling. The large cross at the beginning might have been made with two-pronged arms to change its appearance. A floral design fills the empty space after the letters. In the field on a shield are the crescent moon and six-pointed star; in this case the moon is to the left of the star. The document to which this seal is affixed is dated July 22, 1384, the date on which another document was sealed by Saadia and Disslaba. It seems that a small group of rich Jews, probably all connected by blood ties or marriage, dominated city business affairs and worked together.

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