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95. Seal of Disslob Daughter of Moses


Dimensions: 30 mm. Impression.

Location: Bavarian Main State Archives, Munich, Regensburg City Doc. 3046.

This is another seal of this excellently crafted and well preserved series. Between finely beaded lines, starting with a rosette followed by S, appear the shapely Hebrew letters. The field shows a shield whose device is a six-pointed star over a crescent moon, the most typical Jewish medieval seal symbol. Lines intersect the space between the outer edge of the shield and the inner beaded line to create a pleasing background. We know that this woman was married to Saadia, and the similarity in size and aesthetic detail of their seals makes it almost certain that the same artisan engraved both for the couple.

The document to which the seal is affixed is dated March 17, 1391; this is the same document sealed by her husband discussed in No. 93. In this case her name is spelled Tysslaba on the document, while the Munich archives lists the name as Jewess Tisslaba. Actually, there were two separate documents drawn up on this same date signed by both husband and wife, the other being listed as Regensburg City Doc. 3044; our seals are shown from the later listing because the impressions are better. Disslob (Disslaba, Tysslaba, Tisslaba) is also recorded as having used this same seal alone on another document dated June 26, 1391, listed as Regensburg City Doc. 3090.

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