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90. Seal of Gnendel the Jew


*S + Gnendel + Ivd

Dimensions: 27 mm. Impression.

Location: Bavarian Main State Archives, Munich, Regensburg City Doc. 2524.

Bibliography: Wiener, 1862, No. 322; M. Stern, 1934.

Security deposit document from Regensburg, July 17, 1384, sealed by Gnendel and Chalman son of Gnendel (reduced in size). Bavarian Main State Archives at Munich, Regensburg City Doc. 2524.

Between heavy beaded lines a floral design is followed by a florid star, with the Gothic letters running clockwise except that the word Ivd or “Jew” is reversed in lettering to indicate the change in reading the word order; or even, since this word is on the left, to make the letters read as though they were in Hebrew. Within a shield appears a cock walking to the right. Simple crosses are placed between the words. Some of the letters have to be guessed at because of corrosion, but the document clearly lists the name as Gnendel. It is dated July 17, 1384, and is shown here.

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