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89. Seal of the Community of Regensburg

[*Ḥotam Ke]hal * Deregensburk

Dimensions: 46 mm. Impression.

Assessment accord from Regensburg, June 8, 1356, sealed with the Regensburg community seal (reduced in size). Bavarian Main State Archives at Munich, Regensburg City Doc. 1078.

Location: Bavarian Main State Archives, Munich, Regensburg City Doc. 1965.

Bibliography: Wiener, 1862, No. 270.

This seal is almost the same but not quite identical to that affixed to the 1356 document. Though this seal is half destroyed, there are variants in lettering and design. On what remains a star, rather than a large dot, can be seen between the words “Kehal” and “Deregensburk.” The letters are placed somewhat differently, and also there seems to be a variant spelling, the Aramaic-7, meaning “of,” preceding the city name.

The seal is affixed to a document dated March 3, 1374, which means that a new matrix was made somewhere between 1356 and 1374. The document is also sealed by two prominent Christians; the richest Jews are listed and then collectively denominated as “Jews and Citizens.” It seems apparent that had it not been for the catastrophe of the Black Death and then the Hussite Wars, which so inflamed religious zeal in Germany, the Jews would have achieved respectable citizenship throughout the Empire by the fifteenth century.

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